KoRn’s new video for “Hater” is not for ‘bators (or bullies)

Posted by morganyevans on Monday, September 1, 2014 at 3:19 PM (PST)

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Korn have popped up with a David Yarovesky directed/produced clip for “Hater”, an anti-bullying vid  from righteous recent slab The Paradigm Shift. It is one of their most topic driven tunes since “Clown” or “Freak On A Leash”.

Check it out here and get weird and freaky, just don’t hate – participate.

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Randy Rampage, who sang vocals on Annihilator's classic 1989 debut album "Alice in Hell" and their 1999 album "Criteria for a Black Widow", is known as the lead singer of the famous Canadian punk rock band D.O.A.

Colombian Necktie release ‘Kevin’s Song’ via Skull ‘N’ Bones

Posted by longhairedpoet on Monday, September 1, 2014 at 1:24 PM (PST)


Los Angeles sludgecore quintet Colombian Necktie have released “Kevin’s Song” via Skull ‘N’ Bones.

“Kevin’s Song” comes from the recently released Twilight Upon Us.

Head on over to Skull ‘N’ Bones to hear this dragging, grooving, metallic anthem.

You can also stream “Guiding Light” via Metal Insider and “Sleepwalking” via Decibel Magazine.

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Where Giants Once Stood release ‘Living In Security’ music video

Posted by longhairedpoet on Monday, September 1, 2014 at 1:04 PM (PST)


Toronto metalcore quartet Where Giants Once Stood have recently released a music video for their song “Living in Security”.

“Living In Security” comes off the band’s forthcoming EP Live Above which will come out tomorrow, September 2nd.

Check out the video for “Living In Security” as well as the Live Above track-list here.

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Butcher Babies’ Carla Harvey releases second excerpt from new novel

Posted by longhairedpoet on Monday, September 1, 2014 at 12:25 PM (PST)


Co-vocalist for the Los Angeles femme-powered metal band Butcher Babies‘ Carla Harvey has recently dropped a new book, which was her first foray into novel-writing.

The novel entitled Death and Other Dances is a semi-autobiographical work that tells the story of Autumn Franklin. Autumn is an awkward, biracial Detroit native.

Harvey has released two excerpts from the novel. Here is a small clip from chapter seven:

“I was seven years old when I’d first decided I wanted to be a stripper. Pre-separation, my parents had left us with our Aunty Denise for a week while they vacationed in Las Vegas. When they came back, they brought with them a Barbie doll-sized showgirl for me, mounted on a platform. She was dressed in a black sequined unitard with black feathers artfully positioned in her perfectly-coiffed blonde hair. Her lips were pouty, her eyelids painted electric blue. I fell in love with her immediately. Many hours were spent studying the doll; her shiny plastic limbs, lumps of breasts, flawless face stuck in a coquettish expression. She represented everything that I wanted to be and was not: A beauty queen as well as a tiny temptress on a pedestal. I was just a chubby, buck-toothed kid that got in the way of my parents’ burgeoning arguments.”

You can read all of chapter seven via Loudwire and another excerpt from Revolver.

You can also check out Butcher Babies tour dates here.

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Album Review: Acrania – “Totalitarian Dystopia”

Posted by longhairedpoet on Monday, September 1, 2014 at 10:52 AM (PST)


London death-core-metallers Acrania have come stomping onto the scene wielding uncompromisingly political lyrics and unyieldingly brutal instrumentation.

With their debut album Totalitarian Dystopia, released last month, Acrania have taken the metal world by storm.

I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to review this brutal album.

Click here to read my thoughts on this most devastating of debuts.

ThroatpuncH release ‘Sleeper Cell’ music video

Posted by longhairedpoet on Monday, September 1, 2014 at 10:06 AM (PST)


Atlanta angst-metallers ThroatpuncH have recently released a music video for their song “Sleeper Cell”.

“Sleeper Cell” comes off of the band’s sophomore album, Can’t Understand Normal Thinking, which was released last November.

If you’re into raging against the monotony a la Fight Club or Office Space than this video is for you.

Click here and get ready to break knob and break neck!

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Salt Lake Stunners (and pretty much my fave band since I first heard them) SubRosa have some really good stuff on vinyl  HERE.

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Album Review: Take Over And Destroy – “Vacant Face”

Posted by morganyevans on Sunday, August 31, 2014 at 1:19 PM (PST)


Arizona has birthed some balefully rad metal bands the last few years, from the political grind might of Landmine Marathon to the potent sludge of Godhunter. The latest buzz band to rightfully deserve all the accolades thrown their way is TOAD (Take Over And Destroy) from Tempe, AZ. Do you remember when records were less about genre and more about just cool ass songs and energy combinations? TOAD do. Put on House of GVSB from Girls Against Boys, for example (which sounds nothing like the band I am writing about). Every song was clearly GVSB but full of cool elements that made it all interesting top to bottom. Type O Negative are another good example. Whether you loved them or disliked them (because there was no in between with that classic band), it is undeniable that a Type O record was lush with dynamics.

NWOBHM delivered with the conviction that makes a band like Christian Mistress great is here wed to classic rock matter of factness, the sense that layers of keys and guitar are a fact of life and just part of making good music. Like doomers The Order of Isrofel, I dont think TOAD lose much sleep over whether people think mellow parts or weird interludes that might be a little Zeppeliny are cool or not. I like that the singer of this band is confident in his real singing voice, even when it is a bit freaky and unique. There are enough emotions packed into this killer album that your face will not remain vacant. You will rock and believe. Synth and a touch of retro horror feel creep in like choking vines at the edges of a bleak energy that nonetheless is offset by the strength of the band. “Summer Isle” thumps and stomps like a lower budget Cathedral fronted by a drunk sounding Peter Murphy, while “Terminal Burrowing” kicks balls with the sludge charge of “March Of The Fire Ants”-era Mastodon with crack insanity BM drums.

Click HERE for more.

Album Review: Code Orange – “I Am King”

Posted by morganyevans on Saturday, August 30, 2014 at 12:22 AM (PST)


I Am King from Code Orange (formerly Code Orange Kids) is a divisive record. I get that the band wanted to maybe mature a bit, drop the “kids” tagdespite most fans obviously preferring it, as well as evolve their sound. I still can’t tell how I really feel about the sonic results, however. Most of I Am King, which the band says they will draw almost exclusively from live for the forseeable future, is kind of like brief experiments in sludge. I remember once wanting to star a project to see if I could take great dub reggae basslines and somehow make them into two minute ramones length songs with great looped beats, instead of the drawn out dub of, say, old school King Tubby. Would it still work? On I Am King, the answer seems to be yes and no. There are many highlights here, from the thundering bass of “Thinners Of The Herd” to the welcome fast hardcore of “Unclean Spirit”, but some sections of the record kind of meander aimlessly. Still, it seems like most of this material would work better live. I have a feeling this is a grower, as depending on my mood it has either resonated with me or kind of waxed and waned.

Click HERE for more.

Interview: White Empress – Paul Allender’s rising symphonic monster

Posted by morganyevans on Friday, August 29, 2014 at 5:39 PM (PST)


Ex-Cradle Of Filth guitarist Paul Allender has returned to focus full time on White Empress, a symphonic band featuring ex- Coal Chamber and Luna Mortis members (to name drop just two more past bands of members). This, however, is a new beginning. Already creating a storm of fan excitement, the visually striking and musically arresting fury of the group is spreading like a blizzard to blanket the Earth.

We checked in with Paul to find out how he writes those kick ass riffs that made Cradle fans go crazy for so many years, the band’s Pledge music campaign and what goes on in the new frontiers charted by White Empress. Click HERE to read more!

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The great thing about metal is, right when all the mindfulness practice in the world fails and you want to punch your steering wheel, neighbor or television, haha). The best thing I’ve heard all day is Noisem‘s cover of Slayer‘s “Aggressive Perfector” plus a Terrorizer and Cannibal Corpse over on the A389 label bandcamp. Did I mention there is also a new original song “Consuming” that is two minutes of audio awesome?

Check it out HERE.

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Abysmal Dawn “Inanimate” official track spews death

Posted by morganyevans on Thursday, August 28, 2014 at 4:31 PM (PST)

12 Jacket (3mm Spine) [GDOB-30H3-007}

Tech death gurglers Abysmal Dawn are back with “Inanimate”, a taste of what is to come from new album Obsolescence.  If this doesn’t give you whiplash, you are pretty jaded.

Obsolescence is available for pre-order  HERE and digitally via Bandcamp HERE. The album will be released on CD/LP/Digital/Deluxe Digital formats. The CD and digital releases include a bonus cover of Dissection’s “Night’s Blood” and the digital deluxe version includes demo recordings of every song on the album. A Relapse.com exclusive vinyl color is also available and includes a full color album cover poster. The devastating, otherworldly artwork was created by Pär Oloffson (The Faceless, Spawn of Possession).

Click HERE to hear the “Inanimate” track.

The band are also hosting a cool free listening party hosted by MMA fighter Josh Barnett. Check it out HERE.

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DVD Review: Anthrax – Chile On Hell

Posted by morganyevans on Thursday, August 28, 2014 at 2:43 PM (PST)


Remember the end of 8 Mile where Eminem (as B-Rabbit) says to his friend Future “I think I just kinda need to do my own thing, man.” That credo has stood Anthrax the test of time as well. 30 years in, the classic goofball thrashband have as nearly as much fire as at any point in their stellar career. They were recently the first metal band to have their music played on Mars, for chrissakes. Did you ever expect that from the band who once tried (unwisely) to allegedly trademark the nyhc logo? Sure, there have been some bumps or bad calls along the way, but many bands have trials and tribulations. Anthrax in any era coupled their brand of macho humor with irresitable neck damaging riffs and headwalk parts, plus a general acceptance of urban culture. Watching the new DVD Chile On Hell, featuring classic ‘thrax songs dished up for a rabid, and I mean rabid, crowd in Santiago, you will believe again… if your faith ever wavered.

Worship Music was the band’s highest charter in 20 years, and you can tell there is a lot of enthusiasm in the band. Scott Ian’s guitar unleashes beastly thrash rhythms one after the next with relentless fun and fury, his bald dome lookin’ like it is gonna bobble right off his head. The guitar tone on this baby is so gloriously loud and present I felt like I was at the venue, while Charlie Benante’s double kick and Frank Bello’s bellowing back ups on “Caught In A Mosh” whip the circle pits to oceanic whirlpool levels.Caggiano is missed, as the new guy Jon Donais comes off as kind of a place holder (whereas he owned it in Shadows Fall), but the performances are nonetheless rock solid. At the end of the day, this DVD is Joey Belladonna’s show, and that is coming from someone who always liked John Bush’s voice better.

It’s hard to argue with this release, however. Belladonna’s enthusiasm and stage manner show a guy thankful to be back at the forefront of the band that brought him fame. Not only that, the band look like they are really fucking enjoying themselves. The energy and adrenaline that cemented Anthrax a place in the big 4 is here, for sure!

Click HERE for more.

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Music Video: Opeth – “Eternal Rains Will Come”

Posted by SeanB on Wednesday, August 27, 2014 at 7:40 PM (PST)

Opeth_Pale_Communion_album_artworkA lot of metalheads are pretty quick to bash Opeth for the direction their music has taken over the last few albums.  They’ve gone from being one of the most amazing death metal bands ever to pretty much a straight prog rock band with a lot of other diverse influences as well.  I for one don’t care what you think and am totally on board with their current musical direction and really like their new record Pale Communion.  To mark the albums release (which was today so pick it up!) the band has released a very trippy video to go along with the albums opening track, “Eternal Rains Will Come.”  I’m not sure if this is the official video for the track or not but it’s pretty cool either way.

To check the video out click HERE.

Opeth released Pale Communion today under Roadrunner.  This is the follow up to 2011′s Heritage and heir eleventh studio album overall.  The band is touring Europe starting in October and hopeful they make it to North America very soon thereafter. For details on the European tour click HERE.

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Claudio Sanchez posts new song “Atlas” for his son

Posted by morganyevans on Wednesday, August 27, 2014 at 6:27 PM (PST)



Claudio of Coheed And Cambria has posted a moving song for his new-ish son Atlas.

Several months ago, in anticipation of the birth of my son, I wrote “Atlas” for him. At the time, I could only imagine the feelings I’d have for him when I’d have to leave for tour. I didn’t truly understand the power and relevance of the song’s sentiment. Now, after having him in my life for almost three months and with Neverender just a few weeks away, I’m starting to feel it. This will be my first tour away from Atlas. And sure, it will be hard, but it’s all for him. I’d like to share that song with you. – Claudio

First I’d like to say congrats to Claudio and secondly, “Atlas” is already the name of a DIVEST song, dude (JUST KIDDING, promise! I mean, it is, but … one love). The intimate and spare acoustic performance of the video is really cool and Claud has always excelled at acoustic and stripped down, emotional performances. His vocals fit the unorthodox arrangement as well and this is a real winner they ought to do a big studio version of.

Click HERE and check it out.

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