Corrections House did an awesome Neil Young cover

Posted by morganyevans on Thursday, November 27, 2014 at 8:49 AM (PST)

Corrections House

Corrections House, the just enough cooks in the kitchen musical genius collabo between members of Yakuza, Neurosis, Eyehategod and Minsk have covered “Cortez The Killer” by Neil Young HERE. This in advance of a short winter tour. I will have a few new posts on this band over the coming weeks including an interview up after Thanksgiving, so stay tuned!

Click HERE for tour dates.

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In 2005, black metal band Rotting Christ were forced to cancel a tour date in their native Greece as Dave Mustaine of Megadeth took offense to the name.

“The World Tour”: Pierce The Veil, Beartooth (Live Pics) – Albany, NY

Posted by morganyevans on Wednesday, November 26, 2014 at 6:22 PM (PST)


11/21/14 Washington Avenue Armory in Albany, NY hosted The World Tour, a collaborative package between Sleeping With Sirens and a little band I’m partial to called Pierce The Veil. We sent photographer Nicole Terpening to shoot at the large venue (seriously, but the place has GREAT sound) and she came back with exclusive live shots of Pierce The Veil and Beartooth for us! Constructive energy and great bands.

Click HERE to check them out.

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Orange Goblin announce dates with Down

Posted by morganyevans on Wednesday, November 26, 2014 at 8:44 AM (PST)


Orange Goblin are plundering North America again , this time with anti-heroes Down, the sludge lords from NOLA. This tour is sure to do Crom proud as barbaric riffery and doob smoke will rise from cracks in the Earth formed from massive chords, thumping toms and brain fuzzing solos. The hard rock gnosis of “The Devil’s Whip” will sear your rear with flame trails akin to old school Motorhead with a stoner rock meets English pub glow. Hardcore legends Bl’ast and firecrackers King Parrot are on this sucker as well, ragers.

Click HERE for dates and some music.

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The upcoming feature film, “The Bridge,” brings together a cast of iconic rock musicians, some of whom will make their film debut:  Joe Elliott of Def Leppard, Al Jourgensen of Ministry, Joey Santiago of the Pixies, Eddie Ojeda of Twisted Sister, Tiny Biuso of Doyle (ex-Misfit)/TSOL, Rick Warwick of Black Star Riders/Thin Lizzy, and Sin Quirin of Ministry.  Director/writer Bobby Field, with producers Denise Bohdan and Jason Gurvitz, announce the launch of their campaign for the film on Indiegogo, the world’s largest crowd funding platform.

Fans can contribute to the altruistic endeavor at


Driven by its powerful original soundtrack, and written by Bobby Field, a musician and actor in his own right, “The Bridge” tells the story of a small town musical prodigy who must free himself from the shadows of his past to find love, hope and friendship that could lead him to the musical expression he never thought possible.

The campaign will  benefit The Fender Music Foundation, and Fender Musical Instruments Corporation’s Entertainment Marketing division will be providing key products for the actual filming.  Partnerships with other well-known music corporations will be announced soon.

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Interview: The Color Morale (Video Interview)

Posted by morganyevans on Monday, November 24, 2014 at 8:35 AM (PST)


An exclusive video interview with Fearless Records hard rock, alt-metalcore band The Color Morale reveals more than you may have known before. June Martinez  had this to say about her interview with TCM:


Click HERE to watch the video interview.

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O.G. Metalcore : All Out War at The Acheron (photo set)

Posted by morganyevans on Sunday, November 23, 2014 at 12:31 PM (PST)


Newburgh’s All Out War deserve way more credit for, in my opinion, starting the better strains of the metalcore movement as we know it today. Between these guys, Overcast and perhaps bands like Integrity, Stigmata, Shai Hulud and even Pro-Pain to some degree, the seeds sewn on a classic like D.R.I.’s Crossover germinated into a much darker, uglier and heavier beast. All those bands had love for Slayer but AoW paired it with brutal breakdowns and street attitude akin to Agnostic Front. Early metalcore paved the way for bands like Killswitch and Unearth to get big, to say nothing of much later and less heavy third or fourth generation bands of today.

With no All Out War, I don’t think you could’ve ever had a proper Hatebreed, for example (another band I hold in high regard as a Hudson Valley scene vet who has witnessed Jasta and co. leave a huge mark on first the Tri-State area and then the world of heavy music).

Mike Score of All Out War has kept his love for the scene strong over the years through various incarnations. The band are back and crushed the Acheron with Sworn Enemy, Living Laser and more the other night. Seriously, if you claim to be metalcore and don’t know these guys, fuck your band.

Check out the shots from MR contributing photographer Matt Slater HERE (or be condemned to suffer).

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Wovenwar and Periphery tour has me really stoked

Posted by morganyevans on Saturday, November 22, 2014 at 8:02 AM (PST)


This morning’s excitement is that my girlfriend’s daughter just got a Charizard Pokemon card. It’s a mega and has a crimson dive attack for 300 damage. In other news, I hope you are all as stoked as I am for the news that Wovenwar are touring with new school prog-core thrillers Periphery. I have been really late on the Periphery game as the more technical stuff I am into usually has gruffer vocals, but I’m really enjoying “The Scourge” and love the shit out of the Wovenwar debut. It is stunning what Wovenwar managed to accomplish on that record during a time when most bands would have buckled completely (I am talking, of course, about the Tim Lambesis scandal).

Wovenwar have been making new converts despite the cleaner vocal sound and I implore people to really give the band a shot. Tour dates and a menacing Charizard after the jump HERE.


Cancer Bats’ Ross Robinson produced 5th album out in March via Metal Blade

Posted by morganyevans on Saturday, November 22, 2014 at 6:51 AM (PST)


Cancer Bats are super fierce, passionate and able to write material with a range of emotions.  Dead Set On Living was a modern classic more people should check out.

Now the boys are back in town with Searching For Zero to street in March of next year via Metal Blade. Produced by Ross Robinson (Korn, Glassjaw, Sepultura) , the lyric video for the diabolical “Arsenic In The Year Of The Snake” totally crushes and can be seen below.

Fans can order now at North American tour dates for 2015 are being scheduled and will be announced soon!


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Sick tour alert for you rabble rousers and couch slouches (to reference D.R.I.). Inanimate Existence from Santa Cruz are hitting the road with a band known for hitting the bong, the green thumbed semi-peaceful warriors of Cannabis Corpse. Major ear violators Mammoth Grinder, one of the more intense acts today, are also on the package. This is a powerful bill of rising bands with a respected sound and work ethic, so don’t miss out. Some great venues like Echoplex, Siberia and Saint Vitus bar on the routing as well. My comrades at New Noise Magazine are one of the sponsors and only put their name on killer tours.

Dates below and music for “Omen” from Tibetan folk inspired death metal meditation A Never Ending Cycle Of Atonement if you click HERE.

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Interview: Get “Real” with The Word Alive (Video Interview)

Posted by morganyevans on Thursday, November 20, 2014 at 5:06 PM (PST)


June Martinez of Metal Riot sat down with Tony Pizzuti – Guitarist of fast rising alt/ metalcore band The Word Alive on having “Lighthouse” on ESPN, what it means to be Real to the band and much more. It’s a personable and chill chat between our roving correspondent and Tony.

June says:

The interview was at the Glass House in Pomona and it was interesting to hear their take on the ViP packages.

Tony’s beard is pretty snazzy. Check out the exclusive interview HERE and stand up tall. “Lighthouse” video also included after the jump. #keepitreal

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Album Review: Calm Hatchery – “Fading Reliefs”

Posted by morganyevans on Thursday, November 20, 2014 at 3:35 PM (PST)


Poland is known for uncompromising death metal that is way over the top, but 2014 was a banner year even by the high standard of metal history. I have already mentioned the unholy trio of new releases from Vader, Behemoth and Decapitated which made huge waves this year, but Calm Hatchery need to be the 4th entry into this polish “big death 4 for 2014″.

Always a promising outfit, the intimidating Calm Hatchery first spooked me with their creepy name a few years ago when the Sacrilege Of Humanity record was released. Few bands give me chills like that but the name actually kind of freaked me out (reminding me of insect swarms or tombs of snakes waiting patiently in Indiana Jones movies, or something) and I wanted to hear their older stuff too. Hard to believe that was already nearly five years, but the band and Selfmadegod Records have continued to stand strong for extreme music. Listen to the first 18 seconds of “Flaming Prophecies” alone and by the time the opening drum fill sets up the onslaught, you wil probably already be sold.

From razor edged speed riffs and rapid fire death metal drumming, this is war metal with no regrets. The band are intellectual with their more thought provoking artwork than most but can hang hard or outmatch most peers in death metal. Flat out, their songs are memorable and here display a certain middle eastern quality that is intoxicating (the very apt “The Eternal Cycle”) and adds a sense adventure to the imminent danger in these songs.

Click HERE for more and a video.

Periphery unleash “The Scourge”

Posted by morganyevans on Thursday, November 20, 2014 at 11:46 AM (PST)


Periphery premiere “The Scourge,” a new song from the highly anticipated dual album releases, Juggernaut: Alpha and Juggernaut: Omega, via Revolver HERE.

“After a year of hard work on our two new albums, Juggernaut: Alpha and Juggernaut: Omega we’re excited to be able to share the first look at music from either album,” said guitar player Mark Holcomb. “‘The Scourge’ shows off a darker, more brooding side of the first album, Alpha, and it touches on some of the melodic and lyrical themes referenced throughout the two albums. Enjoy!”

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Video Slaughter Party: White Arms Of Athena, At The Gates, Davenport Cabinet

Posted by morganyevans on Thursday, November 20, 2014 at 9:53 AM (PST)


No, we don’t have three unlikely bands covering renditions of Slaughter’s “Up All Night” (though that would be interesting). Instead however there are three new videos you should peep below from prog upstarts White Arms Of Athena, legends At The Gates and a lyric vid from Travis from Coheed’s always rather interesting side project Davenport Cabinet.

Check ‘em out HERE and start the weekend early.

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Century Media sign Gospel Of The Witches (Karyn Crisis)

Posted by morganyevans on Thursday, November 20, 2014 at 9:23 AM (PST)


So happy to say that my good friend and constant inspiration Karyn Crisis has signed to Century Media with her newest project:

Karyn Crisis is a name worthy of more praise and attention. While select circles of people know and appreciate her prior vocals with the critically-acclaimed Crisis from 1993-2006, many are still naive to her influence and impact. This demure girl raged harder than many men, slugging it out with impactful live performances at hardcore and metal shows, screaming often times like a demon, other times singing like an angel. She led the way and has become an influence for female-fronted extreme bands. And then she disappeared. In the interim she made a name for herself as an artisan via her paintings and leatherwork, and now she’s returned with a stellar new project, Karyn Crisis’ Gospel Of The Witches, and a fabulous new album to be released next year through Century Media Records.

“This band began 5 years ago in Tuscany, Italy, as an alchemical journey between Davide Tiso (Ephel Duath) and myself as we searched for a way to musically honor the Witches who came before me and who have been guiding me in Spirit, teaching me their Ancient Ways,” explains Karyn.

The album was financed by fans via websites like Kickstarter and Etsy; then Karyn together with Davide Tiso, Ross Dolan (Immolation), Mike Hill (Tombs) and Charlie Schmid (Vaura) recorded the 13 songs atThe Basement Recordings in North Carolina with producer Jamie King (Between The Buried And Me, The Contortionist).

Upon completion of the album, Karyn began shopping the album and reconnected with Century Media President Marco Barbieri, who had signed Crisis back in 1993 when he worked at Metal Blade Records.

“In my opinion, Karyn is a true renaissance artist and I am intrigued by anything she puts her touch on,” explains Barbieri. “She remains an undeniable icon in the annals of hardcore and metal with her vocal and live performances, and I am pleased that she has been re-infected by the muse and is sharing her undeniable talents again for longtime fans as well as a new generation. Gospel Of The Witches is not Crisis; it has her fingerprint all over it, lending an ear to early influences, but here she and her band take the listener on all sorts of new journeys and adventures musically, vocally and emotionally. I am proud to be working with Karyn again.”

In closing, Karyn states, “I’m so excited to announce that I’ve signed a worldwide deal for my new band, Karyn Crisis’ Gospel Of The Witches, to Century Media. Working out this new partnership is a testament to the enduring connections my art and voice have made throughout the years with industry people and fans who’ve continued to support me and encourage me to keep singing.”

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Ides Of Gemini release new video

Posted by morganyevans on Wednesday, November 19, 2014 at 4:08 PM (PST)


Ides Of Gemini are one of the more meaningful acts operating on this barren Earth today, a synergy of ritual and romantic hymns to nature and the forces of spirit and self amidst the cosmos and this dark modern world. I recently was pleased to interview J. Bennett for this site and now the acclaimed  dreamers have a new video out for you moody types. Ides sort of fill the same place in my hard heart as the much missed Ludicra or the active (last I checked) Amber Asylum, different in tone and sound but so compelling they cradle your heart in burnt hands. The buzzng guitar and bewitching vocal melody will sneak into your bone marrow.

In celebration of its release, today Noisey, reveals the vibey video vibes s of their erotic Daciana Birladeanu-directed ”Seer Of Circassia” video. Elaborates singer/bassist Sera Timms, “The concept of the album traces the symbolic-psychological breakdown of a character over ten days ['Seer Of Circassia' takes place on day four]. We’re working within the structures of psycho-spiritual alchemical transformation, utilizing Carl Jung’s school of analytical psychology. Essentially we have a story of the psychological conflict of opposing forces — yin-yang, male/female/dark light, etc. — each driven by desire. The masculine archetype in this story desires control and structure, while the feminine archetype desires recognition and equality as it has been repressed in the ‘Old World.’ Our protagonist is the Emperor, based creatively on the last Emperor of Constantinople, who represents the ego, masculine, solar consciousness along with control, structure, domination, force and power.”

View the gorgeously shot “Seer Of Circassia” video  at THIS LOCATION.


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