Interview: Yob – “Make sure you 190% love your music and what you do”

Posted by morganyevans on Friday, December 19, 2014 at 10:20 AM (PST)


 For someone who is poor, struggling with any number of things, searching for meaning, transcendence….if they are able to reflect their real feelings into their medium, it’ll be medicine and someone else may be able to resonate and have it be medicine for them too. For someone who has wealth, and they have disillusionment, are still depressed, having to work on their own bigger questions that wealth cannot solve, mortality, their work can still have amazing power. It’s all about being 100% there. – Mike Scheidt

So much has been written elsewhere about Yob  that it is hardly fair to call them the “next big thing” or “best kept secret in Metal” anymore. Yob in 2014 were nothing short of a presence, a band who follow their own muse and in the course of doing so have re-invigorated many other bands – unsure of what path to take in economic times of uncertainty – to do the same. You may be tired of music critics slobbin’ Yob’s knobs, but the band deserve every accolade thrown their way. Through depression, trials and tribulations and anything life throws at them, Yob prove the way out is through.

It was a pleasure to interview Mike Scheidt about one of the most revered and discussed metal records of 2014, the pure soul revolt of Clearing The Path To Ascend.

Click HERE to read more.

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Even though Voivod's Denis D'amour (aka Piggy) died in 2005, he is still credited as a guitarist on the albums "Katorz" (2006) and "Infini" (2009), which were actually recorded in 2004, a year before he died.

Show Review: Slayer, Suicidal Tendencies, Exodus in Albany, NY

Posted by morganyevans on Thursday, December 18, 2014 at 7:46 PM (PST)


The most compelling work of the year was in doom metal, for the most part. From Electric Wizard to Yob to Castle and Witch Mountain the playing field was mostly ruled by thunderous, brontosaurus footprint sized-Sabbathian black worship, with the exception of Ex-Trouble singer Eric Wagner’s White Metal doomers The Skull (who nonetheless bettered most of the competition anyway). That said, thrash held down the legacy (Testament pun intended) of the genre well. It was a banner year for thrash, one of the best in memory. From Shrapnel’s charged The Virus Conspiracies to Iron Reagan and Hammercult to Exodus’ frenetic and feral reunion with Steve Souza (and Kirk Hammett, for that matter) there was much to get whiplash over.

The most anticipated thrash tour of the year was Slayer‘s return Stateside with Exodus and Suicidal in tow. The Albany, NY date at the Washington Avenue Armory was no let down, a high energy mug fest that made you remember all the reasons why you fell in love with these bands in the first place. It was a  communal strafing air blood raid but instead of a Copter or drone strike it was riff after riff falling like hail.

Click HERE for the review…SLAYYYERRR!!!

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Album Review: Barrowlands – “Thane”

Posted by morganyevans on Thursday, December 18, 2014 at 10:32 AM (PST)



Barrowlands keep it fairly simple on their new release . I’m not super familiar with their demo but this release is really up my alley. From a unique band name and cool art to a way with songcraft, the band show that you can make fairly traditional black metal with slight post-rock musings (and the Pacific Northwest’s flair for the natural world) still interesting by, y’know, having great riffs. Who da thunk it? All that and a record title Thane that makes me want to re-read the Dragonlance Dwarven Nations triology.

“Alabaster” opens things up on a determined note, though the album gets stronger from there. “Peering Inward” evokes the best dissonance of Aosoth with killer slightly off kilter, insistent drumming while  ”Mother Of Storms” is of those songs you fear to write about for worry of somehow ruining the perfect balance of styles at play if the band get more blog notice and hellions and trolls start to hyper critique them. Just keep doing what you are doing, Barrowlands. This is music you could blare at the skies and stand atop any metaphorical mountain peak silently professing your will to the cosmos to. Strong shit.

1349′s recent Massive Cauldron Of Chaos was much more speed and flash than this release, but I’d bring up that band’s song “Exorcism” as another BM song currently that is served immeasurably well by letting the song do its’ own work instead of trying too hard to out-Agalloch (or in prog’s case Opeth) the next band on the “charts”, for example. But really, “On Bent Boughs” is a cello enhanced respite of acoustic meets dirge that live must be very moving and would fit just fine if Barrowlands did happen to open for John Haughm’s more famous Oregon collective someday (shit, maybe they have already. Those bands all seem pretty tight out that way).

I don’t want you all to be too upset that I have the new Enslaved album (holy shit is it awesome!) already, so please be pleased that I am going against my better judgement and telling you about Barrowlands even though they might have to fend off one or two new fans. Listen to Thane now, here:


Show Review: Abstract Reality Tour at Webster Hall, NYC-December 6, 2014

Posted by NichTheHair on Thursday, December 18, 2014 at 9:07 AM (PST)


billNew York City’s Webster Hall welcomed Animals As Leaders, The Devin Townsend Project and Monuments last weekend. Earlier in the day, Devin treated me to a fantastic face to face interview, which you can read here. Prog reigned supreme throughout the night and due to some lengthy photo ops, so did the photographers. I’ve seen some awesome shots from this night already, due to the fact we were able to shoot for the whole show.

Click here for the pictures and review.

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Fit For A King scooped up for Warped Tour

Posted by morganyevans on Thursday, December 18, 2014 at 6:07 AM (PST)


Fit For A King‘s popularity is certainly related to their solid live show as well as their songwriting. They are one of the better younger bands I have seen live in recent years, showing up most of the bands on the Eternal Enemies Tour (with the exception of Kublai Khan who have been killin’ it, flat out). Anyhow, the band behind Slave To Nothing have been selected for Warped Tour again next year.

Slave To Nothing had a remarkable debut at #49 on the Billboard Charts and the band will be on all the Monster Stage North American dates at Warped. Not bad for a little band from Dallas, TX.


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Metal Grasshopper is the comedy gold mine of heavy metal themed hijinx between Down‘s Phil Anselmo and comedian Dave Hill. The popular series was dreamed up by Hill along with former Supagroup mainman Chris Lee (a distant relative of Bruce Lee’s who happens to also be married to Sean Yseult of White Zombie/Star & Dagger fame).

With Episode 5 “Vulgar Display Of Feelings” was just released yesterday, it was high time to get the scoop from Chris about working with Dave and Phil on this hysterical series. If you don’t like it…walk on home, boy!

Click HERE for more.

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Anthrax “Indians” bourbon, starting new album

Posted by morganyevans on Wednesday, December 17, 2014 at 8:46 AM (PST)

3081bfe8-96d7-4cca-87d7-1819ab2687bcFunny, I was just this very morning reflecting with journalist Brian Krasman on bands who had done craft beverages. I remembered Daylight Dies made beer and Brian told me 1349 had one ( I hope it comes with plague mold ergot)! Maynard also has his wine place though I think  liked the Dave Matthews wine better (does that make me lose metal points?).

Anyhow, the thrash titans Anthrax, still the funnest of the classic thrash bands around attitude-wise, have unveiled a friggin’ bad ass bourbon today called…Indians! Yes, one of the most rad ‘thrax songs of all time is now drinkable. Now if only the NFL would change the name of the Redskins to The Arrows, we would be in a much better world already.

What better way for the members of Anthrax to celebrate their sixth Grammy nomination than to toast it with a glass of their own brand of bourbon, “Indians.”


Read the full announcement/bourbon roll out, below. I don’t drink anymore, but cheers to the boys on their Grammy nomination for the Dio cover. It is cool they were nominated along with Slipknot, Motorhead and Mastodon, though I was annoyed about Tenacious D (no offense to Jack and KG at all ‘cuz they rule)…but really, in a year with more great metal than maybe ever, the last nomination slot ought to have gone to Triptykon, Castle, House Of Lightning (so siiiick), Vader , anybody.

Click HERE to learn more.

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Linkin Park offer “The Hunting Party” for free on Google Play

Posted by morganyevans on Tuesday, December 16, 2014 at 4:47 PM (PST)


Linkin Park‘s recent The Hunting Party is by far one of their better and more bold releases (up there with Meteora for moment after attention grabbing moment). There are earmarks of every era of their sound but a willingness to push themselves on tracks like “Rebellion” (with D. Malakian from System Of A Down) or the surprisingly heavy “The Keys To The Kingdom” that opens the record with a serious punk roar and drums infused into their alt rock/nu-metal sound. This album is a lot of fun if you can get your heads out of your snobby butts for a minute and admit it rules. The percussive twists and turns alone shows their “hybrid theory” of stadium alt rock and hip hop fusion still has staying power and room to evolve. Shit, I’m also just glad I have a record in my library that has both Rakim and Page Hamilton on it.

Just in time for the holidays, the Google Play store is having a special Linkin Park sale. Get The Hunting Party FREE now for a limited time. You can also purchase other Linkin Park albums for only $1.99 each. Get your albums now at:

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Electric Wizard announces own U.S. tour

Posted by longhairedpoet on Tuesday, December 16, 2014 at 12:25 PM (PST)


English doom metallers Electric Wizard have announced that they will embark on their first U.S. tour in 12 years.

Electric Wizard will be touring in support of their album Time To Die which is out now via Spinefarm Records.

The band will be supported on the tour by Satan’s Satyrs, which features Wizard bassist Clayton Burgess.

The tour will start in Philadelphia on March 31 and will finish up in Los Angeles on April 19.

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Interview: Devin Townsend

Posted by NichTheHair on Tuesday, December 16, 2014 at 12:18 PM (PST)


“If I have anything to contribute to the musical world is that people can learn from my failures and successes. That’s what I’m interested in, contributing something healthy to the species.”


Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Devin Townsend.

Click here for the interview.

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Sister gearing up for 2015 European tour

Posted by longhairedpoet on Tuesday, December 16, 2014 at 11:50 AM (PST)


Swedish hard rockers Sister are getting ready to tear Europe apart in the new year.

The tour will start in Oslo on February 6 and run 20 dates through to wrap up on March 21 in Hamburg.

Check out tour dates and comments from the band here.

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Lord Dying premiere new song

Posted by longhairedpoet on Tuesday, December 16, 2014 at 11:36 AM (PST)


Portland’s Lord Dying are getting ready to drop a new album on January 27 via Relapse Records.

The new album will be entitled Poisoned Alters.

Ahead of the release of the album, Lord Dying have today released the song “An Open Sore” which features Aaron Beam of Red Fang.

Stream “An Open Sore” via Revolver.

You can also stream “A Wound Outside Time” here.

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36 Crazyfists reveal ‘Time and Trauma’ album cover

Posted by longhairedpoet on Tuesday, December 16, 2014 at 11:10 AM (PST)


Alaskan metalcore mainstays 36 Crazyfists have revealed the cover art for their latest album, Time and Trauma.

Time and Trauma is due out on February 17 via Spinefarm Records. This will be the band’s sixth studio album and their Spinefarm debut.

Check out the album art for Time and Trauma here.

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Ensiferum to release new album in February

Posted by longhairedpoet on Tuesday, December 16, 2014 at 10:45 AM (PST)


Finnish folk metal masters Ensiferum are preparing to release a new album in the new year. This, their sixth studio album, will be entitled One Man Army. It will be the bands first album since signing to Metal Blade Records. Sammi Hinkka, bassist, had this to say about recording the album:

“Recording process was long, hard, rewarding and full of incredible moments. Instruments were actually played and left as they were instead of creating tracks from hundreds of different takes, moving them to the grid and modifying things. Of course computers were used but overall we made everything as analog as possible. Listeners can experience a better sound and natural groove, something that we think most metal albums lack these days. Overall, the album sounds much more like a band playing live rather than ‘midi-metal.’”

Hinkka went on to say:

“On the new album, we took many things musically to the next level so we decided also to try something new graphics-wise. Gyula Havancsák did a phenomenal job! For the first time it was really nice to be more involved with designing the cover and all details. Our humble gratitude to Gyula for all the patience and really amazing results. We couldn’t be more satisfied!”

One Man Army will officially be released on February 24.

Check out tour dates here as Ensiferum hits the road (and sea) with the likes of Insomnium and Omnium Gatherum.

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Album Review: Cretin – “Stranger”

Posted by morganyevans on Tuesday, December 16, 2014 at 10:37 AM (PST)


For all the bs in the scene from misogynists, homophobes and racists, it’s nice to get back to music that just slays. But wait, Cretin‘s first album in years Stranger features a transgender singer! Uh oh. Better not listen! Might get cooties, right? Well, if that’s your thinking I can assure you that you are an idiot and that this record rips harder than anything. The vocals sound like friggin’ Brutal Truth at their best and the band fire on all cylinders mercilessly. Think Fuck The Facts meets even a tiny bit of Kreator and lots of early Napalm/Extreme Noise Terror. This album for Relapse is a beast.

“Honey and Venom” is the standout track, ferocious and with some air raid dive bomb soloing thrown into the insano-grind.Elizabeth Schall’s solos on the title track especially are also red hot. With the aforementioned Brutal Truth packing it in this November overseas, it is super great Cretin are back to fill the gaping grind void. I can’t honestly recommend this record enough. It pulverizes. Song titles like “Freakery”, “How to wreck your life in 3 days” and “Sandwhich For The Attic Angel” keep things fun even while the music is ballistic. “…Attic Angel” in particular has such a brutal intro bassline courtesy of Matthew Widener’s vomiting rig. And “Ghost Of Teeth And Hair” is the most disturbing song in metal about twins (“they say I ate you in the womb, that mom had no room”) since Cephalic were doing their whole “conjoined twins at war” stuff for Lucid Interval (still my fave from those dudes). Fucking mosh.