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36 Crazyfists

36 Crazyfists
Hometown: Anchorage, Alaska Current Label: Spinefarm Records Websites: MySpace Profile
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Band Members: Brock Lindow - Vocals
Steve Holt - Guitars
Brett Makowski - Bass
Thomas Noonan - Drums

36 Crazyfists Bio:

36 Crazyfists is evidence that there's a beauty in isolation, a newfound purpose from even the worst of tragedies, and that heavy metal and hard rock music doesn't have to be all doom and gloom to have power.

Like the Jackie Chan flick from which they take their name, 36 Crazyfists brings an action-packed attack with a smile, injecting an infectious enthusiasm into their unique blend of crushing rhythms and soaring melodies. All of the rage and venom you'd expect is intact, of course, but there's a depth and dynamic that is too often absent from the style that is inherent to everything 36 Crazyfists is about.

Now an integral part of the ever-expanding Ferret Music family, 36 Crazyfists is set to enter the studio with guitarist Steve Holt at the helm to record the followup to the fan-beloved Rest Inside the Flames. New songs promise to further expand and develop their sound, with the band's patented twists and turns which already earned them favor amongst fans of bands like Thursday and Thrice ensuring that none of it sounds contrived, copied or otherwise rehashed from other bands.

"Anchorage, Alaska has a small music scene," explains vocalist Brock Lindow. "Pretty much everyone knows each other. Growing up there shaped us to be aware of the beauties of isolation and creating your own self. We had MTV just like everyone else, but as people, we adapted to dark winters and summers where the sun never went down. That in itself created so many amazing rituals and memories of the season."

From the band's beginnings in 1994, they set out to create honest music that draws from many places without sounding like any other band in particular. After their original bass player died in a tragic automobile accident, the band relocated to Portland, Oregon and continued on, ever more determined to make their music heard.

The guys in Bay Area metal band Skinlab alerted the A&R department at Roadrunner Records to 36 Crazyfists, who released their first album, Bitterness the Star, in 2002. A Snow Capped Romance followed two years later, supported on tours with Killswitch Engage (whose early releases were issued by Ferret) and Poison the Well (who are now on Ferret).

Rest Inside the Flames delivered tenfold on the promise of the first two albums, showcasing Lindow's impressive range alongside the skillful and fluid playing of Holt, drummer Thomas Noonan, and bass player Mick Whitney. Throngs of fans across Europe and North America have embraced the band. Andy Sneap is scheduled to mix the band's as-yet untitled Ferret Music debut, which promises to be turn even more heads than before.

"I hope people can look at 36 Crazyfists as a group that came from a place where no one gets out of musically, who saw the world and made music that was creative and in some form, unique," says Lindow. "And I think the greatest thing alongside that is to gain the respect of your peers."

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