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3 Inches of Blood

3 Inches of Blood
Hometown: Vancouver, British Columbia Current Label: Century Media Websites: MySpace Profile
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Band Members: Cam Pipes - vocals
Justin Hagberg - guitar/vocals
Shane Clark - guitar
Ash Pearson - drums

3 Inches of Blood Bio:

Raised in hell, forged by fire and harder than Krupp Steel, 3 INCHES OF BLOOD are about to triumphantly return as one of the biggest defenders of traditional heavy metal with their stunning new album, “Here Waits Thy Doom”! The new opus was tracked in Seattle’s Sound House Recordings with renowned producer Jack Endino (Soundgarden, High on Fire, Zeke) and is soon to be hailed as the gospel of all things heavy.

“Here Waits They Doom” marks the recording debut of extremely talented drummer Ash Pearson that lends a whole new dynamic to the band’s already lethal assault. This disc is also the first offering where Cam Pipes handles all vocal duties with Justin Hagberg adding some backups. Guitarist Shane Clark and Hagberg also laid down all of the bass tracks themselves, ensuring maximum shred on the album. Although the lineup is different, the aesthetic remains the same, and the technical proficiency surpasses that of the last record.

Shane Clark (guitars) states: “Our new album is finished and we've named it “Here Waits Thy Doom”. Much like our last record it is a step beyond the album that precedes it. We've again taken what we do a step further and not made “Fire Up The Blades” part 2, we've stuck to our formula - no formula. We are true metal fans and we've made an unapologetic metal record. I think this our most focused record to date, from writing all the way to mixing there was no unnecessary drama or too many cooks in the kitchen. This is 3 INCHES OF BLOOD at its most punishing, epic and mighty.”

The group kicks off their worldwide touring cycle for “Here Waits Thy Doom” this fall embarking on a massive North American trek with In Flames, Between The Buried and Me and The Faceless. Expect an unrelenting touring campaign to be laid out spanning the course of 2010 and beyond.

Born out of a love for pure metal, 3 INCHES OF BLOOD have been slaying the infidels of extreme music for nearly a decade. In that time, they've released three albums and toured with such acclaimed acts as Satyricon, The Black Dahlia Murder, Motorhead, Cradle of Filth or Exodus, just to name a few. With their last album, “Fire Up the Blades”, they crafted a number of undeniable anthems that crash, rip and roar like a Medieval battleground. With their first album on Century Media Records, “Here Waits Thy Doom”, 3 INCHES OF BLOOD now up the ante and will leave every metal fan crying iron tears of pure joy!

3 INCHES OF BLOOD represent everything that heavy metal was, is and will be about! “Here Waits Thy Doom” demonstrates that the best way to stay ahead of the heavy metal curve is to write music that comes from the heart and sounds nothing like the horde of bands tapping into the latest trends. To that end, they draw fuel from their favorite artists, including Judas Priest, Mercyful Fate, UFO, and Rainbow and compile it all into their own deadly potion.

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