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Hometown: Elizabethtown, KY Current Label: Deathgasm Records Websites: Facebook Profile
Band Members: timmie, mike b., mike m., jim

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ABOMINANT was forged in 1993 in Elizabethtown, Kentucky. Guitarist Tim Ball and bassist Mike May from Sarcoma joined forces with guitarist Buck Wiedeman and drummer Craig Netto from Effigy to start a new project with darker, heavier roots than their previous outfits. In early 1994 they released their Never Truly Dead demo. Soon thereafter, Wiedeman left to join the Air Force. Acquiring Mike Barnes from Louisville's Cataclysm on vocals, they released another demo in late 1994 which led to a union with Wild Rags Records. Wild Rags released ABOMINANT's debut, Unspeakable Horrors, in 1996. The now-defunct labels also opted to issue the Never Truly Dead demo on MCD format. ABOMINANT released two more full-lengths through Wild Rags - 1997's In Darkness Embrace and 1999's The Way After - before the label's demise.

While in-between records and labels, Wiedeman returned to the fold. ABOMINANT soon connected with Deathgasm Records for the release of 2000's critically-lauded Ungodly full-length. Following 2002's Upon Black Horizons, Deathgasm also officially repressed The Way After. The band released their Conquest full-length in 2004 before parting ways with original drummer. Jim Higgins, who had been in multiple local bands, including Cataclysm with Mike Barnes, later joined the fold ushering in a more black metal influence and consequently reinvigorating the unit. Not long after, they recorded 2006's Triumph Of The Kill, however upon its release, Wiedeman decided to bow out of the band for a second time.

The quartet released 2008's Warblast and 2010's Where Demons Dwell with Deathgasm before opting to self-release an MCD with two covers and two new songs for 2012's Battlescarred. By 2013, the label released the band's most fully-realized album yet, with Onward To Annihilation. Now, in 2016 ABOMINANT and Deathgasm Records are proud to present the band's eleventh full-length album, Napalm Reign, celebrating their twenty-third year as a band. True enthusiasts of metal themselves, and the epitome of a brotherhood, ABOMINANT hopes all fans of death metal will enjoy our new record and possibly dive into their extensive back catalog.

ABOMINANT has shared the stage with dozens of national and international acts over their two-plus decade existence including Deicide, Aborted, Rotting Christ, Death Angel, and Belphegor as well as personal underground favorites like Nunslaughter, Incantation, Deceased, and too many others to list. Expect new tour dates in support of Napalm Reign to be announced in the coming weeks.

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