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Band Members: Astrous - Vocals
Achilleas C. - Guitars
Dagwn - Guitars
Thyragon - Guitars

Aenaon Bio:

Aenaon is a black metal band with experimental and death metal influences.

2005: Formed somewhere in central Greece from Thyragon & Draugen.

2006: In June Astrous joined the band and took care of the vocal and lyrical section. Vanghmar fill the empty rhythm section slot . Aenaon begun to work their songs, and the first rehearsals were made...

2007: Achilleas C. came "onboard" to fill the second guitar slot. Aenaon performed a lot of rehearsals and started the recordings of their debut EP album "Phenomenon". Meanwhile Aenaon made a mini tour in Greece with Nethescerial and released a promo cd under the title "Promo 2007".

2008: Achilleas left the band. A few weeks later Dagwn took his place. Aenaon signed with the Canadian Bleak Art Records in the beginning of the year.

2009: The "Phenomenon" EP released at 22 September. In the end of the year Draugen and Vanghmar left the band for different reasons and the vacant guitarist position was taken once again from one of their first guitarists, Achilleas.

2010: New standards and new purposes make the band to develop their sound. In middle of August, Aenaon released "A Parallel Zoetrope" split 7' with the Romanian band, Satanochio. This split released from Floga Records and Orkestral Promenade Prod. limited in 500 worldwide copies.

2011: Aenaon sign with Code666 and the first full length album "Cendres Et Sang" is released. This hard worked over a year production was recorded at several studios and mastered one more time by Tom Kvalsvoll from Strype Studios in Norway. Ilustrated by Lukasz Wodynski and characterized by many great guests in vocals, piano and saxophone sections.

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