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Aetherium Mors

Aetherium Mors
Hometown: Plymouth, UK Current Label: Eihwaz Recordings Websites: Official Website
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Band Members: Dan Couch - Guitars, Drums, Kane Nelson - Vocals, Lyrics

Aetherium Mors Bio:

Aetherium Mors is a UK-based extreme metal band formed by multi-instrumentalist Dan Couch and vocalist / lyricist Kane Nelson in 2004. Originally conceived as a full band lineup, the lack of musicians capable, at the time, of playing complex music at fast tempos, forced Aetherium Mors to become a studio-only project.
Taking the aspects of extreme metal that most appealed to the band members, and distilling those ingredients into a potent blend of death, thrash and black metal, the first songs written evoked classic extreme metal bands such as Death, Carcass, At The Gates and Dissection, with an emphasis on strong, melodic riffs, harmonised guitar solos and blasting tempos.

Over the following years, the band was forced into hiatus as other musical commitments consumed more of the band members’ time. Dan was involved in Plymouth based progressive rock/metal bands Wishlist and Daggers Drawn as guitarist, and bestial black thrash band Holodomor as drummer while Kane became involved in the sludge/death band WarCrab as vocalist. With all other projects disbanding (apart from WarCrab), in 2011 the decision was made to reactivate Aetherium Mors. The early demos were re-recorded during 2012 and released as the debut album ‘Drenched In Victorious Blood’, 8 years after the band initial formation.

2012 saw the first live performance by Aetherium Mors, and with a live lineup now assembled, more gigs are planned in the near future.

The new release by the band, a four track EP entitled ‘Entrails Of The Soul’, is completely self produced, a choice made in order to achieve the sound and atmosphere the band had always strived for but been unable to attain when recording in conventional studios. The struggle to set up a studio and become self-sufficient, echos the perpetual turmoil Aetherium Mors has always existed in; truly there could be no other way for the band to be.

The EP serves as something of a rebirth for the band; the individual band members have evolved as people and as musicians, and this is apparent in the new songs.
Musically, the songs are far darker than the previous efforts, and make more use of dissonance and odd time signatures, all without abandoning the stylistic reference points displayed on the debut release. The songs flow quite naturally, each track offering a journey through different moods and themes that reflect and reinforce the lyrics. Influences have been absorbed from the other bands that Dan and Kane have performed in, and twisted to suit the purposes of Aetherium Mors.

The next step for Aetherium Mors is to perform more live rituals, and commence writing new material for the next release

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