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Hometown: Montreal Current Label: Unsigned or Unknown Websites: Official Website
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Band Members: Mike DiSalvo - Vocals
Rob Milley - Guitars
Oli Pinard - Fretless Bass
Tommy Mckinnon - Drums

Akurion Bio:

The story behind Akurion is a rather simple one. It’s a tale of four like minded, well established musicians from the Montreal underground metal scene that have forged a likely bond through the one great equalizer; the love of crafting tunes out of thin air while developing crushing musical flashes in time. Extremely heavy material is their natural calling; alas it is not the sole purpose behind Akurion. The projects’ dark overtones, textures and sinister melodies are a major influence behind this endeavour. Many layers await the patient listener.

The members’ names speak for themselves. Akurion is comprised of Mike DiSalvo (Vocs), Rob Milley (Guitars), Oli Pinard (Fretless Bass) and Tommy McKinnon (Drums). Back in 2012, fresh off the last Neuraxis tour, Rob had approached Mike to see if he would be interested in working on some ideas that he had for several new songs. The chemistry was immediate and plans were laid out for lyrical content and general structure and arrangement of the riffs. A year was spent on working through these tunes and when the time was paramount to propel the project forward, Tommy and Oli were sought out due to their one in the same abilities and prowess. The band took form, thus Akurion came to fruition.

To put it bluntly, this is an all-star cast that is ready to punish, chew up and spit out the average pseudo so called metal fan. They are a celebrated testimony of what you need to ready yourself for; masterful song writing with an array of blazing quick drum bursts and cymbal work, a maniacal tapestry of musical wizardry, as well as deft lyrics and vocal patterns all bound together with monstrous breakdowns and haunting melodies in between.

No weak minds and hearts need apply their ears here. The time has come. Let the takeover begin…

Mike DiSalvo – Vocals - Currently in Coma Cluster Void and Fireside Sessions, ex-Cryptopsy, Mabbus and Infestation.

Rob Milley – Guitars - Currently in Neuraxis , Phobocosm (live guitar) Fireside Sessions, Torn Within.

Oli Pinard – Fretless Bass - Currently in Cryptopsy, Neuraxis and Vengeful.

Tommy McKinnon – Drums -Currently in Conflux, ex-Neuraxis and Augury.

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