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Alistair Hennessey

Alistair Hennessey
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Audacious and relentless. These are not words that can often be used to describe up and coming bands in the modern heavy music scene. Bereft of any of the usual labels that are hastily slapped on heavy bands, Alistair Hennessey stands alone as a force of creativity, possessing indeed an audacity that has allowed them to rise above a scene rife with unoriginality and continue to surpass the expectations of long time fans and new comers alike. Formed in early 2010, Alistair Hennessey was already touring nationally by the summer of that year, and 3 records later still refuse to compromise the integrity of their sound, constantly pushing the boundaries of heavy music. Performing live is the lifeblood of the band, and they can often be found thousands of miles from home, always eager to see new places and make new fans. Their live show is furious and completely unrestrained, and blood is often shed both onstage and in the crowd.

“I’ll Light My Own Fucking Way”, the band’s 3rd release, is their most potent example of that ferocity captured on record yet. Listening to it is like being cast adrift in the midst of a titanic storm with massive waves of heavily down-tuned riffs and tumultuous drums relentlessly pummeling the listener from every side. The energy is further increased by the two vocalists who simultaneously assault and croon with the demeanor of a crazed captain at the helm of his ship. Even at its calmest moments the music still bears a brooding and eerie intensity, and the eye of the storm never stays for long before casting you back into the maelstrom. In a music scene that is all too often bogged down by cookie-cutter bands, Alistair Hennessey delivers the kind of originality and intensity that impresses and captivates crowds across America night after night. “I’ll Light My Own Fucking Way” is a testament to the true vitality of heavy music, proving that real, unique, and powerful music still exists, and it's lurking just under the surface.

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