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Annex Theory

Annex Theory
Hometown: Winnipeg, Canada Current Label: Pivotal Rockordings Websites: Official Website
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Band Members: Trevor Birnie- vocals
Sam Jacobs- guitars/vocals/programming
Wade Forshaw- guitar/vocals
Matthew Rutowicz-keys
Adam Jefkins-drums/programming
Jordan Fehr-bass

Annex Theory Bio:

Annex Theory is a band merging the 6 musically creative and artistic minds into it’s flexible mold and sound.

The purpose of the group’s inception in Summer 2008 was to make full use and potential of a serious tour-willing line-up of musicians that not only have creative and artistic mind’s but the right professional attitudes and ambitions.

With the goals of avoiding being tied down to just one style of music and the hunger to release the intense energy on stage to a live audience, Annex Theory are working hard and will continue to work hard to have their vision viewed through more then just their eyes.

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