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Hometown: Toronto, Canada Current Label: The End Records Websites: Official Website
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Band Members: Lips - vocals, guitar
Robb Reiner - drums
Glenn Five - bass

Anvil Bio:

Anvil was co-founded in April 1973 by Steve (Lips) Kudlow and Robb Reiner; the band that many have pegged as the most influential of its genre from Canada, began as “LIPS.” Teaming with Dave Allison and Ian Dickson in 1977, they initiated their distinctive, hard-driving speed metal sound.

In 1980 the foursome released the self-produced, independent album,”LIPS – Hard And Heavy”. Shortly after, the band was signed by Attic Records and at that time changed their name to “Anvil” to avoid confusion with the popular disco band Lipps Inc. Long acknowledged by peers and fans alike as the “Fathers of Power Metal” and “Godfathers of Thrash Metal,” they have not reached the level of success as some of the very bands they directly influenced but, now well into its third decade of heavy rocking, they recently released “This Is Thirteen.”

Steve “Lips” Kudlow

Lips, Anvil’s co-founder and lead vocalist, got his first electric guitar when he was 10 years old. Luckily for him, his older brother Jeff took the time to teach him how to play.
After two years he had his first concert, playing a 6th grade Parent’s Night. A teacher threatened to shorten his show because Lips was making noise trying to tape his microphone to his guitar. Lips talked back, and was promptly escorted to the Principal’s office and given "the strap" across his right hand. So went Lips's first gig! At age 16 Lips was introduced to drummer Robb Reiner, and they immediately began writing music together. They put together many different combinations of bands over the years. In 1976 they began writing Anvil’s first album, and in early 1977 they placed a newspaper ad to find a guitarist-vocalist and a bass player. Dave Allison answered the ad, and at the rehearsal space they met up with Ian Dickson. This was the line-up the world got to know as Anvil.

Robb Reiner "ROBBO"

Robb Reiner, Anvil’s co-founder and drummer, began drumming at age 11 on a Ludwig snare drum. He started taking lessons, and after a few months he got his first drum kit. After 6 years of drum lessons, his teacher took him aside and told him he couldn’t teach him anymore – Robb was already the superior drummer. He played continuously and put bands together with other neighborhood musicians.

It was the winter of 1973 when Robb was asked to a jam session with a new guitarist in the neighborhood. When he walked into the basement of his friends place, there was Lips, nervously pacing and trying to get an amplifier working. They jammed feverishly and thus began the journey of over three decades.


The current bassist for Anvil, Glenn Gyorffy (aka G5) has been playing music as long as he can remember. When he was 15 he heard Iron Maiden's "Number of the Beast" and decided bass was the only instrument for him. He found a couple of guys who were into Metallica and Thin Lizzy and started a band called "Edge Unknown." After about 10 years and a few line-up changes they had local success in Toronto, but the band ultimately dissolved. In early 1996 he came across a band that needed a bass player. It turned out to be Anvil. He was thrilled to just try out, and after a few jams with the band, he was in. Within 6 months he was on his first European tour.

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