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A Scanner Darkly

A Scanner Darkly
Hometown: Current Label: Gilead Media Websites: Official Website
Band Members: Travis: Vocals,
Tucker: Guitar / Programming
Will: Keyboard
Matt: Drums

A Scanner Darkly Bio:

As a humble tribute to Philip K. Dick (one of the greatest science fiction writers- and one of the best novelists of the 20th century) A Scanner Darkly draws influence from Dick’s hallucinogenic alternate-realities and the seemingly incompatible musical worlds of sludge, drone, grindcore and prog-rock to create their own synergetic brand of sci-fi metal that is as intelligent as it is brutal!

In the summer of 2004 Travis (vocals) and Tucker (guitar, programming) started A Scanner Darkly as a drum machine grind act and side project to the now defunct farm-grind band Uncle Bob Drives a Combine. In the fall of that year Will was added playing low-end keyboard and soon after Matt joined replacing the drum machine with real drums. What began as a simple side project has grown in to the crushing experience that A Scanner Darkly is today.

Alternately lightning fast, brutally crushing and whimsically self-referential, ASD’s self-titled debut is both a tribute to- and an embodiment of- the paranoid, psychotic world of Philip K. Dick.

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