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Hometown: Nashville, TN Current Label: Southern Lord Records Websites: Official Website
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Band Members: The Animal
The Gnome
Deacon Dray
Minister of Darkness
Erik Chapel

Asschapel Bio:

At turn of the 21st Century a Chapel of Ass arose from the buckle of shit known as the Bible Belt, Nashville, Tennessee. Built upon the crushed dreams of many aspiring country singers off music row, some local dudes accidentally formed the Satanic thrash rock juggernaut ASSCHAPEL, only to find themselves self-destructing into hell seven years later without a trace... Yet over the course of seven years this sect played all over the Western world, leaving in their wake crippled vans with wheels flying off, shattered heels, broken noses, torn out nipple rings, maxed out credit cards, on-stage arguments, collapsed house show ceilings, everyone's clothes falling off at the show, and more, while impressively avoiding search and arrest from the authorities due to shear body odor coming straight from the dirty south.

Posthumously, members have moved on to the ranks of Pelican, The Swan King, Tijuana Goat Ride, Hans Condor, and others, and one of ASSCHAPEL's hymns was even featured in a Mazda commercial. This is the legacy which was ASSCHAPEL... Amen.

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