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Hometown: Ludwigsberg, Germany Current Label: Nuclear Blast Websites: Official Website
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Band Members: Alexander Krull - vocals, Thorsten Bauer - guitar, Sander Van der meer - Guitar, JB van der Wal - bass, Joris Nijenhuis - Drums and Yasmin Krull - Guest vocals

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First started in 1985 as Instigators and playing grindcore, Atrocity arose as a death metal band with their debut EP, Blue Blood, in 1989, followed soon by Hallucinations, a concept album about drug use. Their second album, Todessehnsucht ("longing for death"), ventured into death metal, with a cover of "Arch Angel" by the band Death. Their musical scope broadened over the years, incorporating medieval and horror influences on their 1994 Dracula-based concept album Atrocity's Blut, (styled after the successful film Bram Stoker's Dracula). Atrocity's Blut was followed by Calling The Rain, an MCD with female vocals by guest singer Yasmin Krull and acoustic themes.

The 1996 release Willenskraft introduced industrial elements, with the special bonus CD of the album's special edition (Kraft und Wille) including electronic remixes of the songs. The later releases were less and less metallic; Werk 80 featured versions of 1980s disco hits and the band had no apparent direction for the following few years. Unusual MCD-releases and experimental songs like Lili Marlene-covers (featured on Gemini) estranged many of their original metal fans.

The entire Atrocity line-up (plus Alex Krull's wife Liv Kristine Espen├Žs Krull) also functions as Leaves' Eyes. Liv did live vocals for Atrocity as well. With the release of the eleventh album After the Storm (Release: September 1, 2010) started the band a new era in the Ethno Metal genre. Yasmin Krull returned a second time as guest singer and instrumentalist for the project.

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