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Awaken Demons

Awaken Demons
Hometown: Cesena, Italy Current Label: Unsigned or Unknown Websites: MySpace Profile
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Band Members: Luca Zattoni - Vocals
Nicola Lelli - Bass
Andrea Bassetti - Guitar
Emanuele Pagani - Drums

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Awaken demons have a fun ethic to band life, whether its on the road, hangin with fans or in the studio awaken demons work hard, play hard and make songs for what they believe in! Come witness awaken demons in full force shreddin the live stage for the new video for here comes the hot 2 stepper and witness the band embarking in what they do best. Nick spokesman od AD adds "we just want to show people the passion and joy in a live performance and encourage the youth that seeing a band live gives you a satisfaction you don't get with an album, we always love to have fun and make the most of any experience and we thank you the fans for all their constant support. AWAKEN DEMONS the mirror Trustkill Records Though I am not a fan of the hardcore genre at all, there is no argument that this genre contains some of the most passionate bands and fans. Awaken Demons, who hail from Italy, are set to make their mark on the US with the release of Mirror, their debut album for hardcore giants Trustkill Records. The 10-track album acts as an introduction to the band for those that have never heard them before and they instantly hit hard with guitars that assault you while the drums pound through you on album opener "Coming To An End." The good news for hardcore fans out there is that this album never lets up on the aggression and energy as you dive forward. The blistering guitars continue hitting you on cuts like "Drawn To Death's Door," "Abandon The Darkness," and "Real." Throughout the album the vocals are presented in typical hardcore fashion as the scream their way through the majority of the songs, which is where I usually get lost on this brand of music, but nonetheless the hardcore fans love this aspect of it and it does in fact add an aggression to the album that no other genre comes close to having. As stated earlier, I am not a fan of hardcore music much, but it does have some of the most loyal fans and they tend to always be looking for a new band that they can follow that satisfies their musical needs and Awaken Demons could just be that band. To attract some extra attention to them they even feature guest vocals from Vincent Bennet (The Acacia Strain) and Karl Buechner (Earth Crisis) on this album so if you are a fan of this genre give them a spin and see what you think. AWAKEN DEMONS the mirror Trustkill Records Earlier this year Trustkill Records inked Italian metallic hardcore outfit Awaken Demons to a deal and launched upon a PR campaign online to promote the launch of their full-length “The Mirror”. With guest vocal slots filled by the likes of Karl Buechner (Path of Resistance, Earth Crisis, Freya) and The Acacia Strain’s Vincent Bennet, “The Mirror” was sure to garner some attention regardless. The album is riff-heavy with firm nods towards the late ‘90s era of metal-edged hardcore. Blasting through the confining walls that the hardcore label can sometimes bring, the group sludges guitar slams with energetic and passionate screams and yells alongside an amalgam of thrashy drumming and gut-wrenching bass slaps. The band is set to embark on a tour with labelmates It Dies Today as well as Century Media’s own Arsonists Get All the Girls. You can stream the album online at Trustkill’s site. AWAKEN DEMONS the mirror Trustkill Records Trustkill’s newest signing Awaken Demon’s from Cesena, Italy have hopes to turn the hardcore world upside down when they release their album The Mirror. With one full US tour under their belt, the Italian five piece will definitely be making extended trips over the pond more consistently, starting with a run with label mates It Dies Today in the fall. With guest vocals from Vincent Bennet of The Acacia Strain and Karl Buechner of Earth Crisis, the group is sure to demand attention in the world of heavy music. The band brings 10 raw tracks to the table with The Mirror due out August 25th, ready to set crowds on fire with crushing breakdowns and brutal growls throughout the whole disc. The first track, Coming to an End, rips open the album with a gut wrenching scream followed by fast picked heavily distorted guitars. In the opener you are exposed to the harsh and aggressive vocals that Luca Zattoni will be belting into your ears over the course of The Mirror. What hit me first about this band and their vocalist is that I would never guess they were from another country unless someone told me so. Since the lyrics are in English and Luca screams rather than sings, whatever he has for an accent is disguised. The pace of the album stays consistent, as it moves forward. Each track rips you up just as hard as the one before. Abandon The Darkness is sure to open mosh pits across the country as both Zatonni and Bennet of The Acacia Strain combine vocal power as they both blare out, “I AM YOUR WORST FUCKING NIGHTMARE!” to close out the song on a heavy note. Having two men with devastating screams come together like this was a great way to end this track with no remorse. As the record continues to thrash in all departments, you wonder the kind of carnage this band will bring to clubs around the country, as the only time you have a chance to catch your breath is the split second in between the end of one song and the start of the next. This band does not want you to relax in the least bit. In the seventh song on the disc, you can truly envision chaos as the breakdown repeats the name of the song. Zuca yells , “ FIGHT TO OVERCOME! FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT!” This brutal ending to this track is sure to leave noses bloodied from state to state. The album closes out with a strong instrumental that is the title track. It features some nice guitar work including some squealing solos by Andrea Bassetti and Enrico Gesperti backed by chugging guitar. The drums filled with steady kicking double bass and crashing symbols fits nicely with the other instruments and added effects of the song. An instrumental like this is not common with a band of this genre, especially to end off an album, but in the context of The Mirror it seems to work just fine. Awaken Demons should not have any problem earning fans within the genre after the disc is released in late August 2009. If A Day To Remember style breakdowns minus the reprieve of clean singing vocals is what you are looking for, than look no further than the latest Trustkill signing. I eagerly await seeing the buzz this band will surely cause. I will bet money that they will be well along on their way to climbing the success ladder by the time their next full length is released. Don’t let the home country fool you; this band will fit in just fine in the U.S. 4/5 stars "The group sludges guitar slams with energetic and passionate screams and yells alongside an amalgam of thrashy drumming and gut-wrenching bass slaps." - Smother (Aug 2009) "The band brings 10 raw tracks to the table with The Mirror ready to set crowds on fire with crushing breakdowns and brutal growls throughout the whole disc." - The Interlude (Aug 2009) "Awaken Demons must have been holed up in a pre-Roman cave shredding riff after unstoppable riff subsisting on wild garlic, caper berries and unholy fodder to craft a jam like The Mirror: This is hostility personified." - The Citizen (Aug 2009) Italy lately has been starting to make itself a mecca for heavy metal and other underground movements. Arising such monsters as Fleshgod Apocalypse and Idols Are Dead, AWAKEN DEMONS is the next big hype coming out of Italy. Their Trustkill debut, The Mirror, is action packed, and filled with fist pumping anthems from start to finish. Featuring guest vocals from Vincent Bennett (The Acacia Strain) and Karl Buechner (Earth Crisis), the two add even more ruckus to AWAKEN DEMONS full force drive. In fact, AWAKEN DEMONS sounds very similar to The Acacia Strain and Earth Crisis, while other comparisons can be drawn to Hatebreed and Throwdown. The Mirror has plenty of standout points. The brutal and stylistic opener “Coming To An End” makes the band’s first impression a good one. The band comes blasting out of the gates with plenty of low end, big breakdowns, and when they step on the gas pedal, off to the races goes AWAKEN DEMONS. Another track with plenty of mean distortion is “Abandon The Darkness”. Repetitive riffing, but effective as it builds up the track. The closing of “Abandon The Darkness” shows the song’s strongest moment with both AWAKEN DEMONS vocalist Luca Zattoni and Vincent Bennett of The Acacia Strain screaming “I am your worst fucking nightmare!” Moving along, “Real” is another big banger, and bursts out like a fresh and healthy Hatebreed. The vocal authority of Luca [Zattoni] is gigantic, and the band continues to attack the track with dedication. As straight forward as “Real” is, this one is as hard as brass knuckles to the face, for real. Closing on the title track, “The Mirror”, the band gives some outstanding melody, and this one right here is the jam! Possibly a new musical direction, but shows another side of the band. The Mirror is a great CD for the moshers, and these crazy Italians have a great hardcore attitude in their sound, giving the extra push. Are they Trustkill’s next Throwdown? The band definitely has potential, and I’m excited to see what they come up with next. 7.5/10 Outburn Magazine Italy's answer to Hatebreed has been pounding the chests of American hardcore fans since their stateside debut, From Heaven To Hell, dropped in a little more than two years ago. Where said release had every intention to be the same circle pitting fury first that its inspirations were, the end result lacked the fervor necessary to incite riots or even hold interest throughout its entirety. Chalk that criticism up to a lack of jumping feet first into the scene that influenced their sound, as those issues are gone on The Mirror. While Awaken Demons won't be earning points for originality, they sure have brought enough muscle this time out to beat the piss out of anyone that would file that complaint. With 10 punishing tracks, The Mirror is a nonstop battering ram of massive and pummeling grooves, detuned beatdowns, and angst fueled vocals spiteful enough to make any Jastafarian blush with envy. The only break in batter comes from the adventurous title track - an instrumental affait flavored with cellos and a nice bit of melodic guitar soloing. The rest of this disc oozes aggression and defines what hardcore should sound like. The Acacia Strain Vincent Bennett and Karl Buechner lend their venom to the cause. With endorsements like that, you know this is the real deal. 8/10 Rock Sound Awaken Demons' 'The Mirror' is hardcore straight from the rule book and, as such, leaves its merits solely within the riffs. Fortunately the Italians' licks are sufficiently muscular even if the songs that contain them feel somewhat routine. However, guest vocals from Karl Buechner of Earth Crisis are an endorsement that testifies something to their quality. The fact that 'The Mirror' sounds this solid is impressive given the country or origin's recent lacklustre hardcore output. The album's highlight comes with the closing track's powerful string accompaniment. If Awaken Demons espoused this side further they could become stand outs in a crowded scene. Metal Hammer (UK) A follow-up to Awaken Demons' 2007 debut From Heaven To Hell, this release highlights the band's real character. Hailing from Cesena, Italy, this aggressive quintet inject hardcore spirit with metal splinters to create raw, crushing breakdowns, heavy riffage, and rousing group shouts. With a credibly brutal frontman and guest vocals from The Acacia Strain's Vincent Bennet and Earth Crisis's Karl Buechner, the band clearly have a lot of support from the scene. Sharing traits with Hatebreed and Throwdown, they're not breaking new ground here, but the album's strong instrumental finish is brave, effective and shows they have balls, while tracks such as Real should gather more followers in its wake. 8/10 THE MIRROR [2009, Trustkill Records] PURCHASE ITUNES FROM HEAVEN TO HELL [2007, Seventh Dagger (USA) | Demons Run Amok (EU)] PURCHASE ITUNES

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