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Bad Salad

Bad Salad
Hometown: Brazil Current Label: Unsigned or Unknown Websites: Official Website
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Band Members: Caco Gonçalves (CG): Drums,
Denis Oliveira (DO): Vocals,
Felipe Campos (FC): Bass,
Thiago Campos (TC): Guitar

Bad Salad Bio:

The band started in May 2007 with the formation of 2 guitarists (Thiago Campos and Marcelo Seabra), a bassist (Felipe Campos), and a drummer (Caco Gonçalves). The group had no idea what would come out of the blend, and made no effort to pre-establish any specific genre to follow. The goal was to meet inside a rehearsal space, jam, and write original songs with everyone's ideas, hence the name "Bad Salad".

As the first song started being developed the band found itself marching towards the heavier side of rock, which wasn't really a big surprise considering each member's influences.

Shortly after a draft of the first song was done, guitarist Marcelo Seabra left the band for personal reasons.

Caco, Felipe and Thiago continued on as a power trio, and for the following months of 2007 wrote many songs over the weekends.

By this time it was safe to say Bad Salad was a Progressive Metal band. Long songs, heavy riffs, odd arrangements and time signatures, instrumental sections, and all that good stuff.

The term progressive metal is being thrown around like crazy these days. So how to separate Bad Salad's sound from the millions of bands who define themselves as being part of this mainstream unfriendly yet increasingly growing genre of rock music? Well, for starters, Bad Salad's music has strong personality. Each song is unique, and scars you with it's identity. They're like olives, or anchovies, for example. Like it or not, you will know what it is when you taste it! Another quality that stands out in the band's sound lies in the rhythmic section. Bad Salad's music is very hammering! At times it almost feels like a full-throttle construction of a building. Some of the grooves are very tribal/ethnic. There are many fun polyrhythmic games between the instruments.

2008 and 2009 were inactive years for Bad Salad. They had an album's worth of material, but the band was incomplete as a trio. They knew a keyboard player would have to join the team, aswell as a vocalist later on. Unable to find the right guys to complete the lineup at the time, and having other important things to do stacking up, the band was put on hold.

In january 2010 Caco, Felipe and Thiago resumed BS activities. 2 years down the line, more mature and educated, they were set on finally making an album, with or without a keyboardist.
They scheduled writing sessions everyday, and revised every single song from the 2007 sessions, making sure they were up to their new (ever evolving) standards.

After unofficially talking about the idea for many months, César Zolhof (keyboards) joined the band full time in March 2010, completing the band's instrumental lineup.

In the period of April 20th to June 20th 2010 an online Vocal Tryout was held to search for the final missing member of the band. A section of one of our unreleased songs, which goes by the working title #8 "Susto" (later to be named 'Crowded Sky'), was put on youtube in order to promote the tryout internationally. Dozens of entries were received and reviewed by the band, some of them quite worthy. In september 2010 the band happily announced the "winner", Mr. Denis Oliveira.

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