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Black Skies

Black Skies
Hometown: Chapel Hill, North Carolina Current Label: I'm Better Than Everyone Records Websites: Official Website
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Band Members: Kevin Clark: Guitar, Vocals,
Michelle Temple: Bass, Vocals,
Tim Herzog: Drums

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Black Skies, a power trio currently based in Chapel Hill, NC, are as fast-moving as the rolling thunderheads their name so vividly conjures. They formed in November of 2005, began playing out just two months later, and have been tearing up the interstate ever since, sharing stages across the continental U.S. with like-minded yet diverse rock bands: Japanese drone-metallers Boris, proto-punk aliens Valient Thorr, plus Big Business, Kylesa, RTX, The Atomic Bitchwax, Zoroaster, Year Long Disaster, Burning Brides, Jucifer, Harvey Milk and others.

Taking their cues from sludgy yet dynamic behemoths like Black Sabbath and The Melvins, Black Skies' music is foreboding, heavy yet spry, and crackles with dark energy. Current personnel includes guitarist/singer Kevin Clark, drummer Tim Herzog, and bassist/singer Michelle Temple.

In short: A gathering darkness that casts an oppressive pall over all the sunny pop and goofy indie rock their hometown can muster. Tired of bands that want to save, revive, or reinvent rock and roll? Meet one that just plays the shit out of it.

Black Skies released their debut EP in August 2007, Aqua Dogs b/w Family man 7" put out by Chapel Hill vinyl label Sirena Discos in Spring 2008, self-released Hexagon EP in 2008 and a limited edition 12" of Hexagon released in 2009 on Chicago label, I'm Better Than Everyone Records.

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