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Carach Angren

Carach Angren
Hometown: Netherlands Current Label: Season of Mist Websites: Official Website
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Band Members: Seregor - vocals & guitars
Ardek - orchestration & keyboards
Namtar - drums
Valak - live guitars

Carach Angren Bio:

In 2003, CARACH ANGREN ("iron jaws") is formed in the southern regions of Limburg (NL). Two members of black/thrash metalband Vaultage gather behind the scenes of the band to share their passion for legends and black metal through music. Their black metal wins and the curtain falls for Vaultage. And so, CARACH ANGREN is ready for bigger steps.

The band chooses a classical, storytelling approach in the broad genre. Symphonic arrangements on keys characterize the bands sound as it is the perfect underscore to the storytelling element. No separate songs, but a complete concept is worked out on "The Chase Vault Tragedy". On their first demo, CARACH ANGREN pick up on the story behind paranormal causes in a 17th century Barbados and, in their unique way, bring it to life through lyrics and music.

The fascination for the paranormal resurfaces on the following release "Ethereal Veiled Existence". A remarkable story told in 5 songs. The strange occurrences around one of the most spectacular photographs of a ghost ever taken are the basis for this mini CD.

With the two self-released EPs on their résumé it is time to bring the legends to life on stage ... not merely by the theatrical atmosphere, but for an important part by some old-fashioned thrash metal. Yes, there's the dark clothing and characteristic make-up, but CARACH ANGREN does not omit the incredibly tight metal for some good old headbanging.

In early 2007, CARACH ANGREN haunts the halls of MADDENING MEDIA who hereby decide to grant abode to the Dutch wraiths in order to be enchanted instead of being cursed.

The recording for "Lammendam", a concept album around the ghost of a lady in white, is done in July/August and November 2007. The finishing touch is added in January 2008.

As of the release date in April, CARACH ANGREN instantly impose themselves as the premier dutch black-metal act, with an exploding number of fans and concerts across Europe.

In August 2009, CARACH ANGREN re-enter the TidalWave studio to record their sophomore shocker named "Death Came Through A Phantom Ship", an album of naval terror and elemental fright which will be released on February 26th, 2010.

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