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Ceremonial Perfection

Ceremonial Perfection
Hometown: Tallinn, Estonia Current Label: Nailboard Records Websites: Official Website
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Band Members: Kirill Senik - Guitar
Vitaly Berestnev - Vocals
Roman Demchenko - Drums
Ilya Petrov - Bass
Alexey Mattal - Guitar

Ceremonial Perfection Bio:

CEREEMONIAL PERFECTION were formed in Tallinn, Estonia, in 2007. Their music combines melodic base, mixed with heavy riffs and atmospheric keys. The subject of their songs reflects the dark side of our daily life. CP's conserts stand out from the rest through powerful energy vibes, great show and excellent performance. CP went on their first tour in 2009, which was a great opportunity to introduce themselves to a foreign public as well as Estonian. During that tour, CP was invited to perform on the same stage with NORTHER. After the tour, the group went to the SINUSOID STUDIOS to start recording their first album under Kristo Kotkas managment - "Alone In The End", which was completed in July 2010...

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