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Close To The Flame

Close To The Flame
Hometown: McAllen, TX Current Label: Unsigned or Unknown Websites: Official Website
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Band Members: Aj Huerta (Vocalist)

Hayden Prater (Bassist & Singer)

Ric Lemus (Guitarist)

Jaime Salinas (Guitarist)

Joey Buitureida (Drummer)

Close To The Flame Bio:

Close to the Flame is a hard-hitting, heavy metal five-piece that hails from McAllen, Texas. They started out with nothing more than dreams of making metal their full-time job. With the release of their brand new self-titled debut EP, the band is well on their way to seeing those dreams come true.

From day one, the band has been dead-set on achieving greatness. They came together after the past failures and previous bands the members had fought through. After those disappointments, the guys in Close to the Flame stuck to a clear set of goals for the launch of their new project.

The writing process for the debut began right after the group formed in 2014. By April of that year the band had begun tracking, receiving the final masters for the recordings that August. The band then went right into the filming and release of "Breaking Through," the first music video from their debut, and the band's first ever audio/visual production. Soon after, they dropped a lyric video for the second single, "Mirrors."

Close to the Flame's primary directive is to take their art to its fullest extent. Everything is a full production, with no expenses spared and no shortcuts taken. That work ethic shone through on the first videos and can be heard all over the debut EP. The self-titled release was just independently released by the band. It is the first of many more amazing releases to come from these future metal heroes.

Close to the Flame is...
Ric Lemus, Joey Buitureida, AJ Huerta, Jaime Salinas, Hayden Prater

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