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Candy Machine Guns

Candy Machine Guns
Hometown: Milwaukee, Wisconsin Current Label: Unsigned or Unknown Websites: Official Website
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Band Members: Hobbes Caltous: Lead Vocals / Samples,
Tim Beyer: Guitar / Backing Vocals / Synth,
Thor Nielsen: Drums/ Samples,
Ben Wachal: Bass,

Candy Machine Guns Bio:

Last Year, a band of epic proportions came to be. In the midst of nothingness and despair- also known as Wisconsin- four people came from parts aspread, and united to form the greatest band the world has ever seen- CANDY MACHINE GUNS! They had grown tired of driving roads that went nowhere, fighting battles with no winners or losers.

Armed with enough grit to get the job done, the full- on aural assault that is their sound, and the most intense ambition you’ve ever seen in a band bio, they quickly set afoot to conquer the world. But first came the important task of writing and recording music, for the army that was soon to be, to march to.

After digging holes in the snow that is Wisconsin, and building and building the band from the ground up, they went about the task of writing their first album, Here We Come, which, in three words, maps out the band’s battle plan.

To say that this band is unstoppable would be to say that Wisconsin is cold. You’d get laughed at and smacked on the head for being Captain Obvious. It still wouldn’t stop you from being one hundred per cent RIGHT!

Together, with their groundbreaking music and their roof rumbling stage show, they will bring the word of the Midwest to the masses.

Tell the world, because CANDY MACHINE GUNS means it: HERE WE COME.

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