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Hometown: Hamilton, Ontario Current Label: Victory Records Websites: Official Website
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Band Members: Brendan Murphy: Vocals,
Jesse Doreen: Guitar,
Alex Re: Guitar,
Eric Bazinet: Bass,
Ryan Juntilla: Drums

Counterparts Bio:

It’s not often that one finds a band quite like Counterparts in the contemporary heavy music landscape. In a scene where musicianship and integrity are often overshadowed by image, Counterparts have consistently proven themselves to be among the most promising young bands the genre has to offer. The band’s unique blend of hardcore sounds is instantly recognizable. Pummeling verses and breakdowns seamlessly transition into bright melodies, bound together by an unwavering message of hope and overall positivity. Needless to say, Counterparts have come a long way since their formation in 2007. With a fan base that has progressively expanded beyond the band’s home province, Counterparts have toured Canada relentlessly since March 2009. The band’s upward trajectory truly took off after the release of their debut full-length, Prophets, in February 2010. The Verona Records release turned heads across the country, as well as beyond its borders. The album was an immediate hit among fans of the hardcore genre, simultaneously garnering praise from scene luminaries and newcomers. Its impact was bold and far-reaching, going so far as to earn the band several award nominations throughout Ontario. At a point when most bands would take time off to relax, Counterparts proved themselves once again to be as hardworking as they come. In November 2010, the band released a split EP alongside Ontario-based hardcore unit Exalt. The EP was another instant hit among fans, and served as a glimpse of the band’s direction with future material. As a result of Prophets’ success, the band’s touring regimen has quickly increased in intensity. In addition to constantly playing dates with various tour packages, the band have also made appearances at larger events such as Scene Fest, New England Metal and Hardcore Festival, and KOI Music Festival. 2011 quickly proved itself to be another landmark year for the band, as they set out on their first full tours of the United States alongside prominent hardcore acts such as It Prevails and Shai Hulud. The accomplishments that Counterparts have achieved in a short period of time have come about as a result of the band’s unrelenting dedication to their craft. Their passion for writing and playing music that is genuine has allowed them to surpass the expectations that anyone had for them at the beginning of their career. The band are more determined than ever before to make a lasting impact on the contemporary heavy music scene, and their infectious spirit continues to inspire fans everywhere they go. Armed with heart and hope, Counterparts plan on spreading their music and message as far and wide as humanly possible in the coming years.

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