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Dead Unicorn

Dead Unicorn
Hometown: Kingston, NY Current Label: Unsigned or Unknown Websites: Official Website
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Band Members: Zac Bjorkin Park, Paul Bad Ass Bass Tone

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If you knew everyone was going to die today, what would you do?

The end times are near. Each day we face the end of the world as we know it, if not outright extinction. Yet humankind remains largely ignorant to the inevitability of their own death, much less the entire species.

Enter Dead Unicorn, an apocalyptic indie-core band from Kingston, NY. Ninety miles north of Ground Zero, drummer Zac Shaw and bassist Paul Heath became obsessed supervolcanoes, asteroids, pandemic influenza, magnetic pole shifts and other extinction-level events. Their idea was simple: we’re all gonna die, so enjoy the rest of your life -- there might not be a tomorrow.

With their complex excess of noise and melody, lyrics from the darkest comedy in the universe (our lives) and video projections that shock and awe, Dead Unicorn’s live stage spectacle matches the earth-shattering gravity of the music, which could be described as ‘brutally catchy’.

Dead Unicorn formed in 2005. The duo founded the Music for End Times record label two years later to release their debut LP, Yellowstone
Supervolcano. A limited edition of 300 sold out quickly, and the album was repressed later that year with the help of fellow indie labels Glacial and Peterwalkee.

In March of 2009, the band won the Ford Fiesta Movement contest after their video submission caught fire on YouTube. Ford selected the band as one of 100 ‘Fiesta Agents’, awarding them with a free car and gas for six months. Now as part of a national social marketing campaign, they will go on Ford-assigned monthly adventures, documenting the whole experience on video to air on the Web and beyond.

The band is currently in post-production for their second album, Global Thermonuclear War, due out on July 4, 2009. An extensive U.S. tour will be announced in May, hitting many major cities and rock scenes in the nation.

Energized by a new album, a free car and gas, and a world that’s about to end, Dead Unicorn are ready to be killed in their prime or die trying.

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