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Hometown: Bay Area, California Current Label: Relapse Records Websites: MySpace Profile
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Band Members: Matt Hellfiend - Guitar / Vocals
Andy Maniac - Drums
Dan Bulldoze - Bass
Jason Hacksaw - Guitar

Dekapitator Bio:

Dekapitator started as an idea between Matt Hellfiend, Dan Bulldoze and Andy Maniac in the mid-90s. Their vinyl collections were growing, as was their distaste for modern metal. On a mission to destroy false-thrash Black Metal spinoff bands, Hellfiend and Bulldoze auditioned different drummers in ‘96, until Andy came back into the picture to complete the thrashing trio. The trio recorded their split 7” with Nunslaughter in the winter of 96/97 and played shows with Dark Funeral, Birthright, Lord Weird Slough Feg, and many other local metal acts, as well as the San Bernadino Metalfest, sandwiched between The Haunted and The Ravenous. The band then recorded their debut album “We Will Destroy… You Will Obey” in 1999 with guitar guru James Murphy. Shortly thereafter Dekapitator sought to add a second guitarist, first bringing in Wes Blackwulf, who was later replaced by Brad Attitude, which also didn’t last, leaving the band as a trio once again. Dekapitator continued to play throughout the bay area, including supporting slots for Exodus and Thor, among others.

Upon reconvening a couple of years ago to get things rolling again, the band recruited new guitarist D. Attacker. Dekapitator began writing for their next full-length and playing out again. In 2007 the band completed work on said full-length, “The Storm Before the Calm”, and through a long-standing friendship, joined the Relapse Records roster.

With the record unleashed upon the stagnant metal scene by Relapse Records, “The Storm Before The Calm” is a breath of fresh air to old-school thrashers, and a death sentence for poseurs.

“Live To Thrash, Thrash To Live”

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