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Hometown: Stockholm, Sweden Current Label: Supernova Records Websites: MySpace Profile
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Band Members: Nima Farhadian L. - Vocals
Andreas Lindström - Guitars
Alexander Wijkman - Guitars
Jonathan Persson - Drums
Justin Biggs - Bass

Descend Bio:

The story of swedish metal band Descend started out in early 2003, when founding member Andreas Lindström, together with a couple of friends, decided to start a thrash metal band. Since then, several line-up changes has occurred and formed the band that is Descend today.

It is hard to put a label on Descends musical style, but the most accurate definition would be some kind of progressive melodic death metal. Also, of course, the thrash influences can still be found in the bands sound today. Regardless of what people like to call the music, the most important thing is that all the members truly enjoy and stand for the music that the band is playing today.

Descend released their first EP entitled Broken Pieces in 2006, containing 6 songs. Out of the line-up recording Broken Pieces, guitarist Andreas Lindström and drummer Jonathan Persson, are the two remaining members. In 2007, Orders From Above was released, containing 2 songs. The bands musical style had developed to be somewhat more progressive and bass player Justin Biggs had joined the band.

After Orders From Above, the bands biggest and most defining line-up change was about to occur, when vocalist Leo Johansson decided to leave. At about the same time, the remaining members realized that something had to be done to take the bands music to the next level. Said and done, auditions for a second guitarist was held and Alex Wijkman joined the band after a couple of months. The four instrumentalists got more and more linked musically and the search for a vocalist began. After almost a year of auditioning enthusiastic vocalists, the band finally found Nima Farhadian, who fit perfectly both musically and on a personal level. With this complete and final line-up, the band started to record new songs in 2008 and released the EP; The Reckoning in 2009, containing 3 powerful songs that represent the music that Descend stands for today.

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