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Diablo Blvd

Diablo Blvd
Band Members: Alex Agnew - Andries Beckers - Dave Hubrechts
Kris Martens - Tim Bekaert

Diablo Blvd Bio:

Exactly 3 years on from the well received Builders of Empires, Diablo Blvd release their 3rd LP: Follow The Deadlights. 
After an extremely intense creation process and several preproduction sessions, the group have once again collaborated with producer Ace Zec. The result is a band that clearly knows what it wants. Diablo Blvd went to the legendary ICP studios in Brussels and Zec’s own Oceanside Studios in Ostend to record the album. The mixing and mastering was done by the American duo Jay Ruston (Mix) and Paul Logus (Mastering). They have previously been behind the sound of Anthrax, Stone Sour, Meatloaf and Steel Panther. 
Over the space of 10 songs you’re taken on a musical trip that welds Metal and Heavy Rock together. Those of you who are familiar with Diablo Blvd will know that this has always been the sound of the band. However, on Follow The Deadlights the band’s sound is better balanced than ever before. With a new label behind them and a full time commitment from all band members, the time has come to confirm their lead position in the paternal Rock & Metal scene and to venture further than ever before. Are you ready to #Followthedeadlights?

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