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Hometown: Porto Alegre, Brazil Current Label: Unsigned or Unknown Websites: Official Website
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Band Members: André Meyer - Vocals, Nelson Casagrande - Bass, Everton Acosta - Guitars, Ricardo Silveira - Guitars, Mauricio Weimar - Drums.

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DISTRAUGHT was born in the beginning of the 90s and established itself as one
of the top names in the Brazilian thrash metal scenario. Distraught released
five studio albums: "Nervous System" (1998), "Infinite Abyssal" (2002), "Behind
the Veil" (2004)," Unnatural Display of Art" (2009) and "The Human Negligence
is Repugnant (2012). The line-up is André Meyer (vocals), Everton Acosta
and Ricardo Silveira (guitars), Nelson Casagrande (bass) and Dio (drums).
Distraught shared the stage with bands such as Megadeth, Vader, Destruction,
Tankard, Krisiun and Criminal, among many others. The new album, titled "The
Human Negligence is Repugnant", was released in May, 2012. It was recorded
in Porto Alegre – at Navarro Studio - and mixed in Sao Paulo - at Studio
Mr. Som - by Heros Trench (Korzus). The artwork was designed by Marcelo
Vasco (Poisoned2Reality), who already worked with bands like Gorgoroth,
Soulfly, Vader, Obituary, etc. The lyrics talk about impunity of the government
officials who create laws that do not work properly and only serve to increase
corruption and human negligence regarding poverty, wars, greed, terrorism
and injustice. The potential of "The Human Negligence is Repugnant" is felt
through its eleven tracks plus a hidden track with remarkable riffs and chorus
combined with the already well known Distraught aggressive and heavy music.

Formado no inicio da década de 90, o DISTRAUGHT é um dos principais nomes do Thrash Metal Brasileiro, já tendo lançado cinco álbuns de estúdio, sendo eles “Nervous System” (1998), “Infinite Abyssal” (2002), “Behind the Veil” (2004), “Unnatural Display of Art” (2009) e "The Human Negligence is Repugnant (2012) . Atualmente formada por André Meyer (vocal), Everton Acosta e Ricardo Silveira (guitarras), Nelson Casagrande (baixo) e Dio (bateria), a DISTRAUGHT tem em seu currículo shows ao lado de bandas como MEGADETH, VADER, TANKARD E DESTRUCTION, entre muitos outros.
Atualmente, a banda está divulgando o novo álbum, intitulado "The Human Negligence is Repugnant" , que teve seu lançamento em maio de 2012, tendo sido esse, gravado em Porto Alegre, no studio Navarro, e mixado em Sao Paulo no Studio Mr.Som, por Heros Trench(Korzus).

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