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Hometown: Kingston, NY Current Label: Unsigned or Unknown Websites: Official Website
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Band Members: Nate Kelley, Kurt Brown, Zac Shaw, Sean Paul Pillsworth, Joe Maggio, Morgan Y. Evans, Dave Bodie, Mike McCoy, Dave Parker, Josh Eppard, Andre Malkine.


Divest is back.

The Woodstock/Kingston, NY band Divest was together for 7 amazing and crazy years the first time around. Though they never became very well known, the band were well respected, especially in their North East region. Self-released EP's and several band names later (Brain Fuck Daddy didn't seem proper to keep and Bleed Theory was cool but...meh), Divest rose through several incarnations, playing shows with bands like Bloodlet, Nora, Unearth, Boysetsfire, Bad Brains, Codeseven, Coheed and more along the way.

Melodic and searching songs about overcoming addictions, honesty, fighting demons and hopes for diversity and acceptance.

Combining an alternative groove metal influence (Deftones, Sevendust) with post-hardcore (At the Drive In) and brainier metal like Tool, Divest showcased many influences but strove to create their own sound.It was this drive, great stage show and creativity that eventually brought them to work with Dr. Know of the legendary Bad Brains and producers Mike Birnbaum and Chris Bittner (Coheed and Cambria, Straylight Run) on a full length GHOST TOWN RECKONING in 2003. Also co-produced by Danny Ilchuck (Leeway), the record was due to be released on Dr. Know's FKM Records planned imprint (Fear Know Music). A 7" single of "Open Door Revelation" was released but not the full length.

When the major labels merged and funding for the sub-label of Caroline went into limbo, Divest soldiered on for awhile, stumbling from the blow but recording more songs nonetheless. GHOST TOWN RECKONING remained in limbo for years until it was eventually streamed by AMP MAGAZINE and the great A Thousand Torches website.

Eventually, in the mid 2000's, Divest sputtered out after resentments and exhaustion tarnished the good things about the band.

Along the way the band featured members who would go on to or previously played in bands like Kayo Dot, Dead Unicorn,Pontius Pilate Sales Pitch, Coheed and Cambria, Nightmares For A Week/Anadivine, Shabutie, Watch You Burn and more.

In 2012 Morgan Y. Evans, now mainly a music journalist, talked with guitarist Kurt Brown about reviving Divest. After many laughs and "bygones be bygones", they realized the band should be kept alive. Divest 2.0 is an open door for anyone who ever was in the band (though at present no word from Parker or Eppard if they will be involved again at any point). Some members, like Nate Kelley and Kurt Brown, live as far from the bands Kingston, NY original home as NC or PA now, but technology will prevail.

The idea is to play shows occasionally when Divest feel like it or members are able to, record new music sometimes and also to keep the old music alive to some extent. Focus on the good of the past and overcoming struggle and depression to let creativity and good songs prevail. It is about friendship more than industry.

Divest is also proud to announce the newest member Chris Heitzman, (also of indie rock/electro band Black & White Universe with Morgan Evans). Chris is an amazing musician and engineer as well as occasional tech for bands like Coldplay and Mercury Rev, so he knows his shit!

Who knows what the future holds. Let's have some fun and keep the PMA. "Let's not break apart. Never break down".

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