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Dragged Into Sunlight

Dragged Into Sunlight
Hometown: Liverpool, United Kingdom Current Label: Prosthetic Records Websites: MySpace Profile
Band Members: T - Vocals
A - Guitars
C - Bass
J - Drums

Dragged Into Sunlight Bio:

UK's Dragged Into Sunlight, the mysterious band, whose sound can be described as a mixture of black, death and doom metal, has shared the stage with acts such as VADER, GRIEF, TRAP THEM, GAMA BOMB and LAZARUS BLACKSTAR.
The band, who appear masked in photos, play in near total darkness and smoke and do not publicize their individual names, commented about today’s heavy music scene: “A few blastbeats, a scrawled logo and people accept it, regardless of the reality. DRAGGED INTO SUNLIGHT is a concept, we’ve taken the time to come up with our own understanding and presentation of what we want to see associated with extreme metal in 2009 and beyond.”

Terrorizer chronicle DRAGGED INTO SUNLIGHT as “crushing, sweeping and just plain riffing,” praising their “crusty blackened doom” and “delicious black majesty.” Meanwhile, Metal Hammer distinguished their sound as “a torrent of seething riffs so caustically expansive, they feel as though they’re about the burst out of your skin. It’s also the sheer, pre-meditated malice that drives them on a systematic rite of destruction, whose domineering, scorched-Earth tactics leave no synapse or nerve-ending unscathed.”

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