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Dream Evil

Dream Evil
Hometown: Gothenburg, Sweden Current Label: Century Media Websites: Official Website
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Band Members: Niklas Isfeldt - Vocals
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Daniel Varghamne - Lead Guitar
Fredrik Nordström - Rhythm Guitar
Peter Stålfors - Bass
Pat Power - Drums

Dream Evil Bio:

Fredrik Nordström once had a dream, a dream of forming a Heavy Metal band and to write songs and release albums of his own. So, while he was on vacation with his girlfriend in Greece in the summer of 1999 he stumbled upon a young promising guitar player who went under the name Gus G. Fredrik told Gus G about his dream and they immediately agreed that this dream had to be realized.

Later that year Gus G visited Sweden in other affairs and then planned a visit to Gothenburg, Studio Fredman, where Fredrik and Gus G started to work on new song ideas. A demo was recorded without vocals and bass with Gus G's drum machine. The world is a small place, at least Gothenburg...

In 1996 Peter and Joacim Cans co-wrote the song "I believe" which later appeared on the Hammerfall album ‘Glory To The Brave'. When HammerFall were in Studio Fredman recording their debut album, Peter was asked by Joacim to bring along his friend Niklas to the studio for some backing vocals. Niklas and Peter knew each other since they played in the same cover band, The Jerico Brothers. This is how Peter, Niklas and Fredrik met for the first time.

In 1999 when Fredrik and Gus G were looking for a singer, Fredrik remembered Niklas from the recordings with HammerFall in 1996 and contacted him for a try out. Immediately Fredrik and Gus G knew that Niklas was the right man for the job.

Still there were two members missing in the band. Niklas immediately suggested Peter for the bass player spot and asked him to come down to the studio to try out for the same songs as well...and there were no questions about it and Peter became member number four.

These four guys completed the song ideas and recorded a new demo with three songs that were sent to a couple of record labels. This was in the spring of 2000. After almost one year and a lot of song writing the guys felt it was time to record a full album. When Century Media Records had a deal ready the recordings began in the spring of 2001.

But there was a problem; there was no drummer in the band. Fredrik knew this phenomenal drummer, Snowy Shaw. He was asked to record the drums for the album as a session musician and he agreed. The album ‘DragonSlayer' was born.

Still the band hadn't presented a band name for Century Media. A lot of strange suggestions came up like Dragon Tail, Dragon Arm, Dragon Wings, Metal Spine etc. It wasn't until Fredrik picked up a compilation cd with Dio, which was lying on a desk in the studio, they all agreed... Fredrik said "How about Dream Evil?"

The album was released in April 2002 and the band had their first live performance at the release party at Metall Terassen in Gothenburg. After a couple of live performances Snowy changed his member status from session member to full Dream Evil member. Now the band was complete with five members.

After touring Japan in the fall of 2002 the guys agreed it was time to enter the studio once again to record the follow-up album. ‘Evilized‘ was recorded in just three weeks in November 2002. 2003 there was a lot of touring around the world and the live video of ‘Children Of The Night' was recorded at Lisebergshallen in Gothenburg while DE supported Hammerfall on their European tour.

'The book of Heavy Metal' was recorded during almost two months in 2004. The video for the title song was recorded in March the same year. At this time the long distance relationship between Gus G and the rest of Dream Evil became difficult. Gus G who also had his own band on the side, Firewind, decided to leave Dream Evil to put his full energy into Firewind instead.

A short search for a new guitarist began. Mark Black was found when he was performing with his King Diamond cover band, Kung Diamant. Getting him into the band and rehearsing the songs went very fast.

Touring and supporting Saxon on their European tour and touring Japan again in February 2005. The time had come to record album number four but at this time Snowy felt it was time to move on with projects of his own and decided to leave the band in January 2006.

The search for a replacement drummer began, but was very short. Pat Power, the man, the machine, was asked to join the band... He was well known to the band as he engineered and co produced all Dream Evil albums. He had been working in Studio Fredman since the band was formed. His skills as a great drummer had no need to be tested.

The schedule for the recording was set to April 2006 and began right on time. The album ‘United' was completed after one and a half months and was released in October 2006.

The videos' “Fire! Battle! In metal!” and “Blind Evil” were recorded and a live show at Sticky Fingers was filmed in November 2006.

After some touring in Sweden, UK and USA a new phase of the band began...In the summer of 2007 Mark felt that he had problems getting his life together with two children born just 13 months apart. He decided to leave the band to give more time to his family.

After some auditioning the guys finally found the excellent axe swinger and guitar master, Dannee Demon who immediately took the lead guitar spot and was baptised in fire so to speak when doing his first show with Dream Evil at the Bloodstock Open Air festival before 3000 screaming fans.

The waiting is over, the time is right, the beast has returned: Sweden's very own and very special DREAM EVIL have signed a new worldwide deal with Century Media Records and are finally back with a brand-new studio album entitled “In The Night” to continue their unrivalled pure M.E.T.A.L. crusade!

DREAM EVIL comment on extending their longterm contractual partnership and returning with a new album as follows: “Finally, after three long years it's time to release a new album and at the same time we have again signed with Century Media Records. It's good to work with friends and that's what DREAM EVIL and Century Media has become over the past eight years.The new album will be called "In The Night" and is again in DREAM EVIL's very own vein. We're sure that this will become the strongest DREAM EVIL release so far and with songs like "Immortal", "In The Night", "Bang Your Head" and "In The Fires Of The Sun" we will melt your brains!”.

DREAM EVIL's new studio album “In The Night” was once again produced at Sweden's Studio Fredman (Dimmu Borgir, In Flames, HammerFall, etc.), which is owned by DREAM EVIL axeman Fredrik Nordström, and strikes back with the power of pure steel via Century Media Records on January 25th, 2010 in Europe and January 26th, 2010 in North America.

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