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Electric Vengeance

Electric Vengeance
Hometown: Texas Current Label: Unsigned or Unknown Websites: Facebook Profile
Band Members: BRAN DAMAGE: Guiterrorist/Lead Vocals, TREY LUNABOMBER: Weapons of Mass, Percussion/Vocals, NAPAULM: 4-string Strangler/Vocals

Electric Vengeance Bio:

Bran Damage. Trey Lunabomber. Napaulm. Three maniax on a mission to resurrect the dead by mutating the early sounds of Heavy Metal, Punk Rock, and Thrash! Rising from the gutters of Grand Prairie, TX in June/2007, together they are ELECTRIC VENGEANCE - an uncompromising trio of madcaps possessed by their demigod Electric Harry to avenge these commercially-raped genres, left for dead by the mainstream.

United to thrash with Bran Damage's guiterrorizing shred-work and abusive lead vocals, Trey Lunabomber's maniacal beats, and Napaulm's merciless bass stranglings, ELECTRIC VENGEANCE will smash your skull through your socks with their signature style, STREET METAL - a pissed off combination of Punk Rock, Thrash Metal, and New Wave of British Heavy Metal with a healthy mix of attitude and offbeat humor to satisfy the rabid hunger of their ever-growing underground cult - known to your enemies and the F.B.I. as the STREET METAL ATTACK! Keep It Electric! \m/

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