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Hometown: Edison, New Jersey Current Label: Obskure Sombre Records Websites: MySpace Profile
Band Members: Warchild- lead guitar and vocals
Samus- drums

Eliminator Bio:

I know something you don't know…there are these guys down in Jersey with an attitude adjustment problem. They want to make music that offends the tastes of those who best travel the thoroughfare of borrowed dreams; you know, microwave leftovers. Anyway, the point is these guys are breaking the rules: they started off driving a Cadillac with rhythm and blues blasting on the highway, speeding in black and breaking their wheels on some dirt road to nowhere. That was when they saw fire pits in the sand and were catapulted to the stars, just in time to make Route 69 on a Greyhound back on Earth. They told a few chicks that they had no friends and followed no trends - wanted dead or alive. I guess you could say they exaggerated just a little bit, but hey, what do I know. Maybe something you don't...but I'm running out of time.

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