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Band Members: Damna - Vocals
Aydan - Guitar
Rafahel - Guitar
Gorlan - Bass
Lethien - Violin
Symohn - Drums

Elvenking Bio:

Elvenking was formed October 1997, by guitarists Aydan and Jarpen. In March 1998, the singer Damnagoras joined the band and only in the following month of September the group found a definite stability with the arrival of Zender on the drums. Right from the beginning, Elvenking set themselves the objective of finding a formula which can combine melodic metal, folk music and extreme sounds in a unique mixture. The one and only promo-cd "To Oak Woods Bestowed" that was recorded in 2000, led the band to sign directly a contract with German label AFM-Records. Meanwhile Elvenking enriched their sound with the entry of new bass player Gorlan. He first appeared in the band as a session player, but soon joined Elvenking permanently as a member at all effects.
The first official album, "HEATHENREEL" was released July 23rd 2001 and received flattering reviews all over the metal-world, becoming album of the month in many magazines and webzines. While preparing the songwriting for the 2nd album, in August 2002, singer Damnagoras left the band. With the new singer Kleid and the addition of the violin/keyboard player Elyghen, Elvenking records "WYRD", which was officially released April 19th 2004. A difficult period that followed the release of the second album, led to a drastic line-up change that saw the return of former vocalist Damnagoras and the split with Kleid and guitarist Jarpen. On the live activity side, the band has always carried on hitting the stages around Europe, also playing at festivals such as:
Szieget (Hungary)
Bloodstock (UK)
Agglutination (Italy)
Tradate Iron Fest (Italy)
D:O:A (Germany)
Strengthened by the renewed spirit within the five piece line-up, Elvenking set themselves the goal to create the best and strongest material they'd ever written.

"THE WINTER WAKE" was released on January 2006 and showed once again the main features that made Elvenking a unique band in the current metal scene: fresh and original sound that mixes enchanting melodies, heavy metal groove, catchy choruses and acoustic elements. In April 2006 the band joined JON OLIVA'S PAIN on a 2 week European Tour which saw the band in Germany, Hungary, Italy, Holland and for the final and most succesfull date in Belguim at PESTPOP festival together with Crucified Barbara, Epica, Sonata Arctica and Doro.

Immediately after the tour, Elvenking started to write new songs and entered the studios in November 2006. The drums were recorded at Gernhart Studios (GER) and all the rest at Sherpa Studios (ITA) with the supervision of Finnish producer Nino Laurenne. The tracks were then mixed at Sonic Pump Studios (FIN) once again with Nino and mastered at Finnvox by Mika Jussila - Helsinki.

"THE SCYTHE" - this is the name of Elvenking 4th album - has been released on September 14th 2007 and was the band's first concept/theme album about DEATH. The sound was a further development of EK's style and the material was the heaviest and most mature the band has ever written.

In 2008 it was the time of the acoustic album "TWO TRAGEDY POETS and a Caravan of Weird Figures" and the start of a full tour that is taking Elvenking in Germany, Czech Republic, Switzerland, USA, UK, Belgium, Holland, etc.
Be sure to catch them at the Summer Breeze Festival this year!

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