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Hometown: Queens, New York Current Label: Victory Records Websites: Official Website
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Band Members: Frankie Palmeri: Vocals,
Jesse Ketive: Guitar,
Mike Mulholland: Guitar,
Mark Davis: Bass,
Michael Kaabe: Drums

Emmure Bio:

It’s a respect issue; growing up in Queens, NY you either have to kill or be killed. EMMURE have embraced this ideology and have grown stronger as a result. However, instead of taking out their aggressions in negative ways, they channeled their collective angst into their music to create a propulsive blend of unabashed aggression and intensity that the youth across the world embrace with open arms.

EMMURE keeps it simple and straight-forward. This straightforwardness coupled with Frankie Palmeri’s brutal openness and honesty creates a connection to fans on a level that few other bands can accomplish. Everyone has demons and dark sides to their lives, but this group shows that everyone deals with these types of issues and that there are productive ways to let it all out. EMMURE have gained the loyalty of the metal community and legions of rabid fans, but make no mistake- if you disrespect them, you will be left sleeping with the fishes.

EMMURE’s fourth full-length release was produced by the acclaimed Joey Sturgis (The Devil Wears Prada, Asking Alexandria). This new effort promises to be their most cohesive, dynamic and utterly violent offering yet. Frankie Palmeri (vocals) states: “The new EMMURE record is definitely a major stepping stone for the band and our fans. We’re entering a new realm of collective consciousness and we are trying to enter this new era of music and life with the people that support us. This is more than just a collection of songs, this is a message to the world.”

Few bands around today are able to deliver an entertaining live show, but the live performance is where EMMURE excels and they always aim to set a very high standard for themselves. It would suffice to say that the band experiences a transformation upon stepping on stage; they turn into a dominant beast that is out for blood, unleashing a frenzy of energy on the masses that cannot be contained. This is exactly why the band emerged from the Warped Tour 2010 as one of the festival’s most talked about acts. If you are a fan of heavy music and haven’t seen a live EMMURE show then you are truly missing out.

EMMURE sets the standard for bringing together an emotionally unhinged blend of blistering hardcore and punishing thrash metal that appeals to a wide array of fans ranging from The Acacia Strain and Suicide Silence to A Day To Remember and Deftones. They released Goodbye To The Gallows (2007) and The Respect Issue (2008) on Victory Records, but it was Felony (2009) that blew things wide open for the band as they truly began to hone their definitive sound that really connected with a worldwide audience.

In 2011, EMMURE looks to annihilate everything in their path as they unleash the new album, Speaker of the Dead . You’re either with them or against them.

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