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Enemy Of The Sun

Enemy Of The Sun
Hometown: Dortmund, Germany Current Label: The End Records Websites: Official Website
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Band Members: Waldemar Sorychta - Guitars
Jules Näveri - Vocals
Daniel Zeman - Drums
Eirini "Absinthe Green" - Bass

Enemy Of The Sun Bio:

Enemy Of The Sun - the new band of Waldemar Sorychta.

This is Metal. But not with a nice little box you can put it in. Not even the box which says "outside the box". No label that - even before hearing the music - defines sound, attitude, outfit, and a formula. It's not New School, it's not Old School, not this, not that... it's its own thing.

It's Metal – strong, fresh, clever, authentic, headstrong, innovative. And heavy as hell.

The creative force behind Enemy Of The Sun is Waldemar Sorychta, master guitarist, producer extraordinaire and prolific songwriter for more than two decades. He wrote all the music and played it for Grip Inc., Voodoocult and Despair, he also shaped the sound and feel of Lacuna Coil, Sentenced, Moonspell, Tiamat, The Gathering and countless others.

With Grip Inc. in mothballs, Enemy Of The Sun is his return to stages worldwide after a lot of producing, writing and working on several projects. All music on the Enemy Of The Sun album was written by Sorychta, who also handled production and mix.

The Band: A main ingredient to the eclectic sound Enemy Of The Sun are the vocals by Finnish singer Jules Näveri, who delivers it all – brutality, death and destruction combined with addictive hooklines and otherworldy eerieness, all with a personal twist you haven't heard yet. No, really, it's just one guy.

For the drums, Sorychta unearthed a diamond: Daniel Zeman plays with force that astonishes even the master. And this says something: We all know which drummers Waldemar has played with in the past ten years.

Bass is handled by Alla Fedynitch, who is no stranger to the world of metal. She has been banging her head around Europe for Pain and several other bands.

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