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Eternal Oath

Eternal Oath
Hometown: Stockholm, Sweden Current Label: Unsigned or Unknown Websites: MySpace Profile
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Band Members: Ted Jonsson - Drums
Petri Tarvainen - Guitars
Peter Nagy-Eklof - Guitars
Joni Mäensivu - Vocals
Mika Kajanen - Bass
Johan Adler - Keyboards

Eternal Oath Bio:

Eternal Oath rejoins forces again

Once one of the leading melodic death-metal acts from Sweden, has decided to reunite after a 5-year absence.
The guys has stated that: "After 15 years, we needed this break. From the band, from each other, and to be able
to focus on other things in life for a while. Now we are back with a new perspective, recharched batteries and
tons of new ideas. It has been truly fun to exchange ideas and start rehearsing again."

This year Eternal oath is celebrating their 20:th anniversary since the band was formed and they will perform their
reunion gig on Reunion Botkyrka on August 20:th.

The new line-up consists of 4 of the founding members, With Peter Nagy-Eklof and Petri Tarvainen on guitar, Ted
Jonsson on drums and Joni Mäensivu on vocals. They also have strengthened their forces with 2 new members, Mika Kajanen
on bass and Johan Adler on keyboards. "The new guys brings so much to the table, they fill the gaps perfectly and makes
the band feel solid and complete, something we´ve been striving for a long time".

The band has started working on new material and a new album is planned to see daylight in the beginning of 2013...

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