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Everything After Zero

Everything After Zero
Hometown: Montreal, Canada Current Label: Unsigned or Unknown Websites: MySpace Profile
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Band Members: Jordash - Drums
Dax - Vocals
Jiak - Guitar Vocals
Sacha - Bass
Dave - keyboards

Everything After Zero Bio:

Feeling the need to take advantage of the broadening horizons of today's metal genre, E.A.Z put in motion a sound recipe that has already enticed companies such as Pearl, Los Cabos, Ernie Ball, Evans, Spector and Sennheiser to recognize this lineup of open-mindedness, talent, & integrity, The culmination of frenetic rhythms and well thought out lead line hooks are already the band's instantly recognizable trademark.

Forming today's most dedicated lineup is Jiak (ex 5-Line Legacy/Shadowed By Folly) guitars/backing vocals, Isaac "The Jordash" Dumont (various session unmentionables) drums, Dax Czernatowicz, (ex Tantrumn) on lead vocals, David Trottier on keyboard/programming and Sacha Levesque on bass/backing vocals.

Everything After Zero is fueled by ever evolving musicianship and the raw desire to deliver their music without compromise.

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