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Fear My Thoughts

Fear My Thoughts
Hometown: Rheinfelden, Germany Current Label: Century Media Websites: MySpace Profile
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Band Members: Markus Ruf - Guitar
Patrick Hagman - Guitar
Bartosz Wojciechowski - Bass
Norman Lonhard - Drums
Martin Fischer - Vocals

Fear My Thoughts Bio:

The Band Fear My Thoughts was founded by some friends in the year 1997 in the small city of Rheinfelden (south-west germany). It was meant to be a funproject of some people who used to hang around with each other and listened to Slayer, Integrity ,Negative Approach and Dismember and resulted in a more serious approach when people seemed to dig the bands musical output.

After 5 Full length Albums and 2 MCD/Split Releases on labels like Let it burn,Lifeforce, Scorchedearthpolicy and recently CENTURY MEDIA RECORDS,Fear My Thoughts will release their next effort on July 18th 2008.This will be the first Record with their new Singer Martin Fischer. The Album is called "Isolation" and shows the band beeing more experimental and rocking than ever before. Expect a stunning mixture of modern metal/progressive rock and the vibe of the old heroes from "back-in-the-days", say Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, King Crimson, Pink Floyd or Deep Purple.

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