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Hometown: Kingston, NY Current Label: Unsigned or Unknown Websites: Official Website
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Band Members: Richie

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In a dark corner of an old dusty metal shop, alongside the menacing blasts of industrial age freight trains, that’s where the sound was forged…

Where the rusted steel of a bygone era meets the ancient spirits of legendary mountains, that’s where the reckoning came to be…

As a whole greater than it’s parts, a beacon arose from the valley below and brought forth a new sense of old ways and a recalibration of doctrine.

In other words…

Geezer lay down thick heavy grooves rooted in the tradition of pre-war slide guitar blues, while simultaneously breaking boundaries through sonic experimentation and improvisation.

2015 has been a year of milestones for Geezer. It all started with the worldwide release the highly acclaimed EP “Gage” on Ripple Music, followed by the release of “The Second Coming Of Heavy: Chapter One”. The first in a series of splits from Ripple Music, it combined Geezer’s heavy blues with the massive riffs of Borracho to create an instant classic.

Geezer also spent much of the year playing live, including a tour of the the American rust belt with Bison Machine. To date, Geezer has shared the stage with bands like Gozu, Wo Fat, Mos Generator, The Golden Grass, The Midnight Ghost Train and High On Fire, among others.

New material is in the works and preparations are being made for a new full length album to be released in Spring of 2016. Always moving forward and venturing into new sonic landscapes, 2016 promises to be the year that Geezer spreads their brand of heavy-psych-blues across the seas to an ever-expanding international audience.

The reviews tell the tale…

“Five tracks of heavy and hazy blues rock drift across desert sands, echoing through moonlit canyons under starry skies, a moreish Peyote for altering the minds of easy riders everywhere.”: Metal Hammer, April 2015 (#268)

"Geezer's EP is a work of genius. Stoner Rock of the highest order… Brilliant and highly recommended.” The Sludgelord

“The bass is a leviathan of low end rumble, the blues guitar forging molten riffs of iron and steel, and the drum work massive and purposeful.”: Heavy Planet

“It's a powerful and soothing expression of nearly a hundred years of music placed upon an altar that a thousand giants built and cherished, and this one may stand the test of time in ways that will continue to define the genre for a long time to come. Yes, it's that damn good.”: Russell Mullen @ The Ripple Effect

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