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Grand Supreme Blood Court

Grand Supreme Blood Court
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Band Members: Bob Bagchus - Drums, Martin van Drunen - Vocals, Alwin Zuur - Guitar, Eric Daniels - Guitar, Theo van Eekelen.

Grand Supreme Blood Court Bio:

official biography GRAND SUPREME BLOOD COURT : verdict Opus 1 GRAND SUPREME BLOOD COURT rose from the ashes of "The Company of Undertakers" of which Martin, Eric and Bob already made songs for in 2010. Those 4 tracks were left in the closet due to the busy schedule from the other bands, ASPHYX and HAIL OF BULLETS. In the meantime Eric (Daniels) kept working on riffs and thought it was time to see them evolve as songs and thus being recorded as well. So it happened, the name change was a fact and Eric wanted Alwin Zuur (ASPHYX) as the second guitarist. Eric and Alwin sat down together and brutalness was born. In the autumn of 2011 the album was recorded in the Sonic Assault Studio (ASPHYX - Death...the Brutal Way) by engineer Frank Klein Douwel. 10 tracks of ultimate brutallity and heavyness. Theo van Eekelen (HAIL OF BULLETS) joins on the bass. The album will be probably called "Bow on your knees for the Bloodcourt". The concept is clear: absolute punishment for those who fail to obey. Century Media Records will be the label to release the album in 2012. Since the labelroots of Martin, Eric and Bob are bound to this very label since 1990 it feels great and natural to see the album released here as well. With GRAND SUPREME BLOOD COURT death metal just got deadlier. GRAND SUPREME BLOOD COURT grand jury are: Eric Daniels - guitar Martin van Drunen - vocals Bob Bagchus - drums Alwin Zuur - guitar Theo van Eekelen - bass

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