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Hometown: Helheim, California Current Label: Chaos Records Websites: MySpace Profile
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Band Members: Mike Abominator : Armageddon Vomits
Bodybag Bob : Decibel Axecutions
Matt Hellfiend : Dekapitating Hellsaw
J. Corpsemolester : Low Fidelity Carpet Bombing
Thorgrimm : Per(con)cussive Assaults

Gravehill Bio:

Formed in a fucked up alley next to the dumpsters and meth labs in Southern California in 2000, Gravehill was spawned to bring back the true way of death fucking metal. The “Practitioners Of Fell Sorcery” was then unleashed upon the world. Only a few copies were made. These demons were inactive for a few years due to drug abuse, homelessness, incarcerations (stints in the Pen), or hiding from law enforcement and government agencies.

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