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Gus McArthur

Gus McArthur
Hometown: Huntington Beach, CA Current Label: Unsigned or Unknown Websites: Official Website
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Band Members: Honan, The Hater, The Right Hand and Johnson Zhang

Gus McArthur Bio:

Who is Gus McArthur? Gus McArthur was first seen in publication in the early 1800’s attributed to a well known english theorist that decidedly remained anonymous on the matter until his death in 1889. He wrote of a human transcended from earth to a cosmical plain and the creation of an entirely new being. The process he explained is complex, but in summary it was written that the formation of the new being was manifested from stardust and a symphony of supernovae somewhere in the Andromeda galaxy. The literature held a shocking significance at the time, as it was published as a work of non-fiction. Although many speculated the name as a metaphor for the second coming of Jesus Christ, the Vatican's investigation dismissed all claims branding many as radicals and heretics.

The next century a significant explosion occurred in Russia known as the Tunguska event, sparking theories from scientists all over the world. What many will never know and what can never be rationally explained, is a simple message that was left at the epicenter of the blast. The statement exclaimed only, “We are the masters of your Universe”, in every known human language. Side Note:(What kind of being is Gus McArthur to send a message that destroys a forest of 80 million tree’s with the equivalent of a small thermonuclear blast?) This excerpt was not examined again until 1924 by literary and geological experts from Oxford University; because of the unique origin of the paper like substance in which the message was written and the realization that “we” implies plural.

The study lost momentum after an Oxford grad known as Edwin Hubble announced his discovery that “Andromeda, previously believed to be a nebula, is in-fact another galaxy, and that the Milky Way is only one of many such galaxies in the universe”. Coincidentally, Hubble’s discovery altered humanities view of the world forever, in the same small section of the visible cosmos. It seems many things happen in the known Universe coincidentally or at least it’s a fitting word for humanity to explain the unexplainable. However, it’s no coincidence this year marked 2014, the year of the Horse, another message has been transmitted from Gus McArthur in the form of radio waves, received by none less than the Hubble telescope. The translated data provides no confusion and no misrepresentation, the message states in perfect binary code, “We are coming”.

Literal: Gus Mcarthur was created to expand spectrums of music that currently existed in one form, generating innovative content of multiple genres, ultimately creating a new version of music. Each voice inside the head of Gus McArthur speaks from a different musical background and passion. Their unique sound was forged from necessity to satisfy the void created in their souls by FM radio and of course to produce quality orchestrated music for a new generation of listeners.

What kind of Music is it? - Music that likes to take an adventure, hates repetitiveness, and always retains it’s dark side. A neo-classical infusion of lyrical hip hop, elements of thrash metal, and operatic rock, would best describe Gus, but nothing is closed all boundaries are meant to be jumped over from time to time.

Gus McArthur not only makes music, but a captivating story for young boys and girls to sit and enjoy for hours. Make music time fun for your kids and let them enjoy a mind expanding hallucinogen. Warning: Music contains explicit content that should not be heard by children, but probably will be anyway. It’s not the responsibility of Gus McArthur or their lawyers as they’re not a band, but a fictionalized intellectual property of an insane homeless man that lives behind a 7/11. As so, all copyright infringement, legal matters, and unfoolable potty mouth trash talking bitches shall contact a local snitchs’R’Us for further documentation on valid complaints.

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