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Hate Eternal

Hate Eternal
Hometown: St Petersburg, Florida Current Label: Season of Mist Websites: Official Website
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Band Members: Erik Rutan - Vocals, Guitars
JJ Hrubocvak - Bass
Jade Simonetto - Drums

Hate Eternal Bio:

Started in 1997 by Erik Rutan of Morbid Angel and Ripping Corpse fame, Hate Eternal quickly became one of the most talked about extreme metal bands on the scene due to the band’s ability to create exceptional albums, tons of touring, and live shows that left fans hungering for more. Almost three years after the brutal extreme metal masterpiece, I, Monarch, Hate Eternal are back with a new record and a new home on Metal Blade Records. Fury and Flames, the bands’ fourth studio album, marks the start of a new chapter in Hate Eternal’s already illustrious career. Upon the first spin, listeners will immediately be able to tell that Fury and Flames is the band’s most diverse and heavy chaotic and emotionally fueled record to date.

Though the band has experienced great success since its inception in 1997, Hate Eternal are no strangers to turmoil and strife. In 2002, Erik Rutan chipped vertebrae in his neck in a van accident while on tour and spent the next couple months out of commission. Erik has also been left to deal with band members backing out of tours last minute including one tour, in which a show in London was being filmed for the band’s first ever live DVD. None of this ever held Erik or Hate Eternal back though, replacements were found and the tours continued on as planned. Another extremely unfortunate event was the untimely passing of bassist and dear friend, Jared Anderson, in October 2006 while in talks to rejoin the band.

For the writing and recording of Fury and Flames, Rutan sought out a new lineup. He re-recruited long time friend Alex Webster (of Cannibal Corpse fame) to play bass on the album, and found a new drummer in Jade Simonetto. Rutan describes Jade: “[he has a] voracious hunger for perfection; Jade came in and changed the face of the band with his relentless speed, accuracy, endurance, as well as his serious groove which was lacking from previous albums”. “Alex literally created bass lines I have never heard before that were more like compositions rather than bass lines. Although Alex Webster was able to lend his talents to the recording of Fury and Flames, he will not be able to tour with the band due to his busy schedule with Cannibal.

All of Erik’s prior experiences have led up to what he describes as his most diverse and heaviest records to date. In an interview Rutan says Fury and Flames is “a very dark and heavy record — not just heavy as in 'heavy metal,' but heavy-hearted as well.” With guitars as technically proficient as ever, a new force behind the drums, and Alex Webster on bass, Fury and Flames promises to set a new bench mark in the world of modern extreme metal.

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