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Hometown: La Paz, Bolivia Current Label: Unsigned or Unknown Websites: MySpace Profile
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Band Members: Ricardo Larrazabal - Guitars
Christian Paredes - Drums
Vladimir Mendieta - Vocals - Bass

Hate Bio:

The group is born at the beginning of 1993 in La Paz, Bolivia, the group is founded by Ricardo Larrazabal (guitar) who invites to a drummer and Vladimir Mendieta in bass and voice, with this line-up they begin to be presented live during the whole year 1993 and in June of 1994 they record a first demo titled "Sociedad sin vida (Society Without Life)" that musically did not have a defined style; touching the heavy metal, the punk and the thrash. In 1995 after several changes in the drum Milton Morales enters like definitive drummer.

Milton incorporates this way to HATE in November 1994 as official drummer, quickly the preparations of composition of 8 new songs in February of the 1995 the second demo is recorded "XXI Century". During the first half of the 95' few presentations were made, then the band enters in a recess of 6 months and it stops February of the 1996 they meet again and they compose what will be the album premiere of HATE foreseen for some moment of 1998.

The year 96 are very productive for the band since is invited at two of the most important rock festivals in Bolivia. The first one was the Explorock 96' where those are presented classified 10 better bands of the musical scene of the city of La Paz, and then to the First National Festival of Music Underground "RAZA (race)" both with a great success. For October of the same year it wins the first place in a competition among 36 bands of their city.

Of December of 1996 to February of 1997, HATE start the phase of pre-produccion of their debut album, entering to Proton Studies February 2 1997 the recording was hard until June and was mixed during Julio. During that year few performances are made, but very important inside the country; they get ready for the promotion of the disk in 1998 and a video clip of the song is filmed "Addiction.".

The band takes place and it throws its recording in a completely independent way and without the help of any Bolivian neither international stamp, although this means more work and less diffusion. Since the band seeks to stay intact the identity and the sound of the group.

At the beginning of 1998 it wins their second competition the one denominated "X-Prerock", in the category hard rock, the album rushes to the market the day March 2, titled "Heart Beat Machine" and it is presented during the same month in a pub of our city, the material is promoted acting in several pubs and concerts.

In April they are invited to participate in the competition "April Fest" organized by the Pub "Equinoccio", with the bands more know of the city, being again winning. Maybe this it is one of their more important achievements, demonstrating that their previous prizes were not coincidence. The day August 7 finally present their work in an official way in a theater of their city with an absolute success.

During 1998 - 1999 they are able to promote with success their material for the interior of the country and in February of 1999 they record a live album in a pub of our city of whose executive production position Ricardo Zelaya manager proprietor of the mentioned pub is made. This live album throws as limited edition, the same one includes 8 compositions that came out in the "Heart Beat Machine and a cover of the band Loukass.

In February of the year 2000 are recorded the album baptized as "Anagramas" moving in a more melodic way but without losing the force that characterizes to the trio, the band has a substantial change in the lyrics ..cos all the compositions are made in spanish the album "Anagramas" (with the exception of a single song), they are carried out the last concerts of the era Heart Beat Machine that includes been supporters to the Argentinean band Rata Blanca in front of 6000 people.

The first three months of the year 2001 HATE gets ready for the launching of the album "Anagramas", meanwhile it continues playing live with performances where they suported to the Swedish band Hammerfall and the cult punk band the Argentineans "Attaque 77", the album finally goes out in May 14 in La Paz city, in October HATE receives the invitation to present "Anagramas" inside the International Festival of the Culture in the city of Potosi.

The promotion of the album "Anagramas" it should be suspended due to an accident that Ricardo Larrazabal suffers for which should be operated in Dicember the 2001 the hard recovery maintains until June of the 2002 where they return to the scenarios next to the Spanish band "Tierra Santa".

The promotion of the album "Anagramas" it finishes in December of that year and the rehearsals and pre-production begin of what will be their new disk "Republica de Odio" where they return to a hard line, and less melodic of their previous album, in these dates the band is recording this new album that one thinks to rush at the end of April of the 2003.

Around November of the 2003, Morales Milton decides to give up the band, for what HATE it begins immediately to look for a new drummer, after a couple of weeks of auditions Christian Paredes is chosen as the new drummer of HATE.

The band begins to practicing and to compose new material immediately because there are several dates confirmed to play in La Paz and Cochabamba, the show of La Paz where for the first time where HATE plays with its new drummer Christian it congregates in one day Wednesday, in front of 400 people in the"equinoccio Live Bar". This performance makes people to appreciate and not like alone of the new sound of HATE but of the new drummer.

Then the band decided to prepare the recording of an EP with the topics that the band composed from November until February in April the band decides to record in Capella Records with Martin's Joffre production, the result it is an album where the band sounds compact, but aggressive.

The title of the EP is Angel Oscuro that it leaves for sale the day 9 of September of this year and it is without a doubt the best work of HATE so far.

In November of the 2004 the band begins to promote the record and receives 4 nominations in the Rockanbol Awards winning for second time and Christian Paredes receives the award for best drummer of the year.

At the beginning of year the band signs a contract with a North American label Statue Records for the distribution in United States of the album "Angel Oscuro" (Dark Angel). The promotion of this disk even takes them to play in Peru and to record the live official record

In November of 2005 "Angel Oscuro" (Dark Angel) wins as Best EP in the third edition of the Rockanbol Awards and have you it wins for 3 serial times as better band in their style.

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