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Hometown: New Haven, Connecticut Current Label: E1 Entertainment Websites: Official Website
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Band Members: Jamey Jasta - Vocals
Frank Novinec - Guitar
Chris Beattie - Bass
Wayne Lozinak - Guitar
Matt Byrne - Drums

Hatebreed Bio:

Since their formation in 1994, New Haven, CT's Hatebreed have grown into one of the most sought after hardcore bands in the United States. Their perfect combination of brutal metallic riffs, gutwrenching vocals and classic mosh parts have catapulted them to the forefront of the hardcore genre.

Hatebreed came into existence based on the simple idea that there weren't any really heavy, brutal bands out there that had gained the respect of the hardcore scene. And in seeking to change that, these guys have fundamentally changed the face of hardcore music. They play bone-crushing riffs followed immediately by in-your-face dance parts that get the crowd going live, and will have you slamming into the walls of your living room at home.

These guys are also unabashed about their love for metal, and it shows. With influences ranging from Venom and Celtic Frost to Madball, Integrity and Biohazard, Hatebreed have positioned themselves at the perfect hardcore metal crossroads. Definitely a hardcore band with short songs and dance parts, these guys have taken the best of the Old School, and whipped it into a frenzied barrage of Slayer-esque riffs and even some double bass thrown in for flavor. Not to be confused with a metal band, Jamey and the guys have been a grass roots center of the CT hardcore scene for well over five years.

While not interested in politics, Hatebreed have gained the attention of a lot of people with the song "Kill and Addict" off of their last demo EP, Under The Knife (Victory Distribution's best-selling demo title). This particular track is a personal, not political statement regarding people who have given up any hope of being clean. And that trend of personal lyrical statements continues on Satisfaction is the Death of Desire. "Last Breath" is a tribute to three people that the band was friends with that have died this year, including Raybeez from Warzone. "Betrayed by Life" is about a friend tragically dying from AIDS. And "Empty Promises" is about people who try to change your life for the better, but their intentions are really to better themselves and boost their ego.

With a consistent touring schedule, Hatebreed are on their way to you in the next few months. They just completed a full U.S. tour with Despair (their third national tour), and will be playing several shows with Agnostic Front and Cause For Alarm before year's end. In the past, they have played with bands ranging from Machine Head, Life of Agony and Napalm Death to H2O, AFI, and even Dog Eat Dog, just to name a few.

The future looks bright for the band. Their strong work ethic and desire to ring their message of aggression-packed new school hardcore to all kinds of audiences guarantees them a spot as THE band to watch. They are the antithesis of emo...They are brutally aggressive, tribal, urban hardcore that wants nothing more than to get in your face and get you in the pit.

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