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Hometown: Arnhem, Holland Current Label: Napalm Records Websites: Official Website
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Band Members: Mark Splintervuyscht - Vocals
Joris den Boghtdrincker - Throat
Reamon Bomenbreker - Guitar
Rowan Roodbaert - Bass
Joost den Vellenknotscher - Drums

Heidevolk Bio:

Building its legacy since 2002, Heidevolk from the Dutch province of Gelderland forges its very own brand of pagan folk metal. Characterized by dual clean male vocals, the band has an instantly recognizable sound that’ll take you back to the early medieval times of North-West Europe. Heidevolk stands for pure energy on stage, and has a unique combination of power and pride in its sound. Veterans of three European tours, Heidevolk has steadily yet firmly established its reputation as a dynamic live band throughout the continent.

In 2003 Heidevolk released its first CD, 'De strijdlust is geboren', followed by the 'Wodan Heerst' EP in 2005. Both releases were re-released on one CD by Napalm Records in 2008. The sophomore full-length CD 'Walhalla Wacht' (Napalm Records) also saw its worldwide release in 2008. With the new 2010 release ‘Uit oude grond’ (‘From old soil’), Heidevolk delivers its most varied release in terms of music and lyrical concepts to date. The new album differs from its predecessors due to its heavy and bombastic songs. The sound is more powerful and approaches the heavy electrifying atmosphere of Heidevolk's live performances. Because Heidevolk enjoyed more studio time for 'Uit oude grond', more attention could be spent on a broader choir-like singing. Folk instruments such as the violin and mandolin are abundantly present again.

Featuring 11 songs, ranging from epic to brutal, Heidevolk will take you on a journey through the history, mythology, folklore, and nature of their native Gelderland. Continuing in the vein of their previous releases, Heidevolk stays true to its musical and lingual roots while elaborating on its style.

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