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Human Rejection

Human Rejection
Hometown: Thessaloniki, Greece Current Label: Unsigned or Unknown Websites: MySpace Profile
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Band Members: Alex-Vocals

Human Rejection Bio:

Human Rejection were founded back in summer of 2005 by alex-vocals and dennis-guitars.chris-drums joined the band some days later and the band started to work as a trio on their first songs.the band gets in "Run Devil Run" studio to record their self released "human rejection promo cd 2005" after 3 months of hard work influenced by bands such as Dying fetus,Devourment,Cannibal corpse,Pantera and Despised icon.

2006 .

the bands first release came out and it got a really good feeback from the audience and bands.lots of record labels showed their inderest by offering a contract that would give the band a chance to release a full length the same time stelios joins the band as bass player ,and the band signs a contract with "pathologically explicit recordings",and "grotesque productions.the band starts to play some local shows and curently working on their full lenghth album .

2007 .

Human Rejection got to the "Run Devil Run" studio. their new full lenght album titled "Torture of decimation" comes out 2 months later produced by Nikodimos Triaridis and HR .the album hits the road worldwide and the band gets bigger and has already a great reputation on the brutal death metal scene.the feedback was more than huge.zines and magazines fans and bands and other record labels sais the best for the band's first release.the band plays more shows and joins fests in germany and other places in europe. .

2008 .

day by day the band gets more shows on.HR"shreds"on stage and the fans around them getting more and more.playing shows like m.o.d. w/Misery index-Despised icon-Cephalic carnage and gets more experience the band tours uk and scotland on october 2008.more shows added on their personal songs appears on the band's last shows and the crowd seems to fucking love it and seems that they made the next big step..HR gets into studion on december 2008 to record their new second full album.. .

2009 .

The new album is finally ready on february 2009.Produced by Stelios "Stelth" Koslidis and HR at "Run Devil Run" studios!this time Alan douches!!!of wwsm studio in NY usa is the man behind the mastering.the sound of the new stuff is hilarious and the band gets a heavy tight aggresive style with various vocals mean blasting and groove drum playing with hell bass lines and shredding seems to love the bands new sound and style and showing it every day.

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