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Hometown: Mariestad, Sweden Current Label: Supernova Records Websites: Official Website
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Band Members: Johan Ejerblom - Vocals
Christoffer Knutsson - Guitar
Gustav Johansson - Bass
Victor Lindqvist - Guitar
Henrik Axelsson - Drums

Implode Bio:

"BEST UNSIGNED ACT IN SWEDEN" That was the words from the well-known magazine Close Up on Implodes demo-release, "Memento Mori". Fronted by Viktor Brunö and a great big bucket of know-how, though this was not a major release, Implode received great reviews with their hard hitting and well dressed metal. It was in the making of this demo, when Viktor Lindqvist joined the band as the second guitarist, taking the place of the former shredder, Jon Dehlén. Adding perfectionism to the band, not leaving one single sour tone on their first full-length album "The Hour has Come" and a sense of calm that none of the rest seemed to have, Viktor was the perfect supplement Implode. Along with the skin-beater, Henrik Axelsson, Christoffer Knutsson on guitar and Gustav Johansson on bas, Implode have shared stage with bright stars on the metal sky such as The Haunted, Entombed and Within temptation, delivering energy and a joy of being on stage, doing what they all love. Although in early in 2009, Implode took part with the man on the mic, thanking Brunö for his bad ass performance on "Implode" and "Memento Mori" and the time together. And as Johan Ejerblom entered the band, Implode began to take the shape of what it is today, leaning toward a more rough and evil ground, with even more jaw-crushing two stroke, bastard son of a trash metal whore-sound than before. As Knutsson, Implodes riff constructor no 1, started laying out the ground of what would become "The Hour has Come", a great wave of fuck yeah washed through Implodes minions. It was in the pre production of that record, that Implode would be contacted by Johnny Hagel on Supernova Records, telling them that he had heard some of their material on the band competition "Bandit Unsigned", in which Implode took part early -10. After some discussions with Johnny Hagel, Implode turned from "unsigned act" to "newly-signed-and-ready-to-kick-ass-position. The making of the coming album started immediately, although not without its problems in its way. Behind the steering wheel sat their own Viktor Lindqvist, making sure that nothing would be left behind. The year quickly passed by and in late 2010, Implode had a finished product in their hands, which they sent away for mix and master at Panic Rooms Studios/Thomas Plec Johansson. The result was beyond what they could all have hoped for. In april 2010, Implode successfully ensnared Andreas Josefsson/Cramada as manager. Apart from Implode, Andreas Josefssons rooster consists of acts like The Liptones, Asta Kask and Regina Lund, but has also worked with bands as Face Down and Sabaton. In short, The Hour has Come is about people walking this earth, people consumed by greed, the will to walk it forever and the deprivation of man. People tend to see "ultimate evil" far away in distant wars, plundering and religions not he same as ours. But these songs are about the evil next door, the ones hiding away from the outside, building barricades and spitting in which way media is pointing.

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