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Ion Dissonance

Ion Dissonance
Hometown: Montreal, Quebec Current Label: Century Media Websites: MySpace Profile
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Band Members: Kevin McCaughey - Vocals
Antoine Lussier - guitar
Sebastien Chaput - guitar
Yanic Desgroseilliers - Bass
Jean-Francois Richard - drums

Ion Dissonance Bio:

Ion Dissonance was founded in early 2002 by 5 friends who had the intention of creating an extreme metal sound, more defined and complex than anything else done before. Once a complete line-up was made official, the band released a short demo named ".357". Put together in early 2002 for promotional purposes,".357" saw the band receiving mass positive reviews and reactions which ultimately led to the signing of Ion Dissonance with Willowtip Records in April 2003. The recording process for the debut LP, "Breathing Is Irrelevant" was completed by June 2003. The album dropped in September 2003. "Breathing is Irrelevant" received many favourable reviews from a number of webzines and magazines including Metal Maniacs, Terrorizer and Unrestrained.

In 2004, Ion Dissonance set forth touring in support of "Breathing is irrelevant" constantly touring the US and Canada persistent on building a strong solid fanbase. Once North America was concurred, Ion Dissonance inked a deal with Century Media / Abacus Records in 2005. This new record deal had the band back in the studio to record the follow up to "Breathing is Irrelevant", "Solace". "Solace" was recorded and released in 2005. Ion Dissonance set out touring and doing what they do best supporting such acts as Necrophagist, Despised Icon, Sworn Enemy and Premonitions of War among others.

In June 2006, Gabriel McCaughry (Vocalist) announced his departure from the band due to personal reasons. This paved the way for long time friend Kevin McCaughey to step up to the bar and take control of the wild horse that is Ion Dissonance.
With Kevin in the band, Ion Dissonance went back into writing mode to come up with an original album that sounded different from their previous work. This time around, the band scouted veteran producer Zeuss (Hatebreed, Shadows Fall, The Acacia Strain) to take the bands trademarked dominant sound to a new level. "Minus the Herd" was criticized as different in several aspects, but mostly musically since the band focused mostly on writing an album that would bring the bands live energetic show to a higher level. Paul Romano was summoned for the bands artwork on "Minus the herd". Completing their first European tour and playing the Never Say Die Festivals in the summer of 2007, the band set forth to the first edition of the Summer Slaughter tour throughout the US & Canada. The band took the road again for more touring with the likes of Bring Me The Horizon, Bury Your Dead, Beneath The Massacre to name a few.

After playing more than 750 shows in over 5 years of touring, Ion Dissonance went into hiatus to concentrate on a more personal life, and renew their inspiration to create extreme music and take it to a whole new level. After almost three years of being off the road and working full time jobs the band came together and created "Cursed", an album inspired by the bands personal struggles as a band determined to break the mold of generic standard in heavy music. «Cursed" was recorded in early 2010 with the bands guitar player Antoine Lussier. With their heaviest and most extreme album to date, the band is ready to bring their fresh new style to a whole new level... “Cursed “Ion Dissonance's fourth full length will be released worldwide in August 2010.

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