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Karyn Crisis Band

Karyn Crisis Band
Hometown: Berkeley, California Current Label: Unsigned or Unknown Websites: Official Website
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Band Members: Karyn Crisis-Vocals
Davide Tiso-Guitars
Danny Walker-Drums

Karyn Crisis Band Bio:

"the guy's got a great death metal voice, but why the duet with the girl?" This was one of the first press reviews of Karyn Crisis' voice in 1993, when she was lead singer for NYC band Crisis, nearly a decade before female singers in heavy music would become an accepted trend.

Often mistaken for a duet of a man and a woman, and described as both "angelic and demonic", Karyn challenged the idea of what a female voice could sound like. She was the first female singer in heavy music to boast a voice strong enough to compete in the male-dominated music scene, and the only woman fronting a heavy band touring the U.S. Her unique style was that of a primal scream: borne of a need to express her rage, despair, and inner fire.

Combined with her powerfully physical, dynamic, stage performances, she also challenged the male dominated metal and hardcore scenes to "think again" about the gender stereotypes of women being the "weaker" sex. And in the early 90's, before internet and Headbanger's Ball supported underground metal, bands had to prove themselves and pay their dues show-by-show, the grassroots way: winning people over in sweaty, often violent, clubs and mosh pits. No managers to book you into huge clubs with security fences; in those days, you had to hold your own and even break a nose or two.

Karyn's primary focus with music is the journey within: facing demons, releasing light, and overcoming the fleshy prison of the earthly body. The live stage has been home for Karyn, where her performances earned her the nickname "Exorsister" as well as a reputation for being emotionally raw, supernaturally powerful, interactive, and intensely physical.

Karyn Crisis paved the way for other women, challenging crowds and music business alike, creating a legacy in her wake that has changed the landscape of metal to include women as equals in heavy music, more than any time before.

13 years and nearly a thousand shows later, tours in the U.S, Europe and Japan, as well as many guest appearances, Karyn is returning with the first album of the Karyn Crisis Band.

Karyn Crisis Band is a partnership with Davide Tiso, prolific Italian guitarist and songwriter of extreme metal band Ephel Duath, whose music has always explored uncharted territories and pushed the boundaries of what is possible in extreme music during the 11 years of his band's career.

Therein lies the tie that binds them and makes for such a dynamic musical team: fearlessly unique expression. Each finds a means to dive within and document their journeys through music, each finds themselves visionaries of "outsider music" that compels the listener to think.

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