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Hometown: Greensboro, NC Current Label: Unsigned or Unknown Websites: Official Website
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Band Members: Matt - Vocals/Samples and Kyle - Guitar/Bass/Keyboards

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We are killwhitneydead. We started the band somewhat as a joke in that we wanted to make music for ourselves and never had any aspirations beyond that. We most definitely never thought about playing live as a group.

After three releases between 2002-2005 and while remaining simply a studio project we somehow developed a rabid fan base and decided to take to the road to come meet everyone.

Five years later we had recorded two more albums and toured the entire U.S. 4 summers in a row, but now in 2011 we are slowly sliding back into something resembling a studio project, just like how we began in 2002. As they always say life is cyclical and killwhitneydead seems to be no different.

The long awaited - not quite anticipated - new album "Suffer My Wrath" has been completed and scheduled for release in 2014. It's our first new album since 2007, so get ready for something resembling an out-of-date metal album.

Stop reading, start killing.

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